LED Strip Lights For Commercial Use

RGB_newCommercial Lighting has to be of the highest quality and good value for money. Commercial lighting applications, such as wide scale office lighting, large architectural projects, big retail displays and other commercial ventures mean you are purchasing a large amount of lighting products, so it is a big decision and you must get it right.

LED Strip Lights and other LED products of the highest standard are now becoming the popular choice in lighting, particularly for commercial lighting. This kind of lighting has proved itself to be developing at a fantastic rate. In the past people would not have chosen LED lighting, despite its high quality results, due to cost but now that technology has moved on, the cost of LEDs is coming down and there is a great deal of money to be saved on energy.

LED lights have a longer lifespan than bulbs and use less energy, which means businesses can save a lot of money over the long term on their electricity bills. The reason they use less electricity is because light is the main element produced from an LED light. This may seem obvious but interestingly normal bulbs do not have light as their primary product. As electrons move through their filament it produces friction and therefore heat and light is merely a by-product.

Another reason LEDs are proving the best choice for commercial lighting applications is because many products such as LED strip lights do not need a lighting fixture. You can simply have the light itself visible, this offers a great deal of flexibility.

LED Illuminations are a UK based LED Lighting distributor who mainly deal with big trade and large commercial applications. They distribute their products all over the world and offer much more than just the products.

For intricate projects LED Illuminations can use their years of expert knowledge to provide full scale lighting solutions and guide you on the best product or mix of products for your needs.

Some of their best products for commercial applications include:

Many varieties of LED Strip Lights, including waterproof, rigid strip, flexible strip and more.

LED flexible tiles. They even stock the world’s thinnest and most flexible tile. This offers a wonderful back lighting solution with high efficiency and uniformity.

Pro LED Track Lights are ideal for making products in displays stand out.

LED Fire Rated Down Light. A 90 minute fire rated LED down light, which is ideal for commercial or industrial applications. Options of mains dimming via leading or trailing edge, with integral dimmable driver and emergency maintained.

5630 LED Ribbon Strip. This product supplied by LED Illuminations offers the brightest lumen output on the market!

Pro LED Dimmable Downlight and the Pro LED Dimmable Gimbal. Both are perfect for retail and exhibition commercial lighting.

LED Illuminations have even more great commercial lighting products in stock. Enquire now for a complete LED Lighting Solution.