Cooking Efficiently With Induction Hobs – Greentree Kitchen Designers In Bangor

It is always important to keep on top of new trends and improved technology when refitting your kitchen. There are constant changes being made to widely used cooking appliances all the time. One particular change is the increased use of induction hobs in commercial and home kitchens.

They have become increasingly popular with kitchen designers in Bangor, Llandudno and the whole North Wales area due to their sleek, polished and clean aesthetic.

Benefits of Cooking With Induction Hobs

Cooking with induction hobs is a relatively simple science and process; heat is generated by an electromagnetic coil that is embedded in the ceramic glass surface, with a ferrous metal pan being placed on top. When the pan is removed from the hob, the heat instantly stops, and surrounding areas of the pan don’t generate enough heat to cause harm to any curious children.


This element acts as a crucial safety feature for your kitchen, with no open flames greatly reducing the risk of kitchen fires being started, kitchen fires being a major cause of accidents in the home. They are often fitted with other safety features such as automatic shut off and anti-overspill feature.

A popular feature of recently introduced induction hobs is the freedom to place the pan anywhere on the surface, allowing you to successfully heat up larger cookware. However, if spillages occur, the surface is easily wiped clean with a spray of kitchen surface cleaner.


The efficiency of induction hobs is invaluable and incomparable, even compared to gas hobs. The instant heating and precise temperature control dramatically reduce energy waste, with no risk of wastage or danger from accidentally leaving the appliance switched on.

In a modern kitchen, efficiency and functionality are very important, and with induction hobs being an increasingly dominant force in commercial and home kitchens, the future looks bright for induction cooking.