Moving house easily and working with a removals company

removals north walesMoving house can be a huge disruption and make for lots of panic, confusion and period of unsettlement. There are definitely a few things you can learn before the big move that will make the whole process much easier to manage.

Before you begin, consider what you don’t need to take with you and think about getting a skip to throw these unneeded things away, making the process easier, to begin with.
You don’t need to leave everything to the day before the move. Make a priority packing list to take the stress off remembering your desired order of importance, before you begin considering the following tips:

• Calculate how many boxes you are going to need and get these in your hands well in advance of the move day. This gives you plenty of time to get everything packed and labelled before the removals company North Wales comes to collect your belongings. Think about the other materials you might need, such as strong tape, bubble wrap and packaging bags to ensure everything is kept safe.

• When packing your boxes, check that you haven’t overfilled them both on a volume and weight basis. Making them too heavy is going to make it difficult for both you and the removals company North Wales to efficiently move your items.

• Use rigid and safe packaging boxes – there are a number of cheap options that will undoubtedly result in broken boxes, dropped or lost belongings and uncomfortable moving.

• Check that your contents are covered by insurance if they are of significant value, as things can go wrong, even if you have prepared to the maximum.

• Place all hazardous materials, such as paint, bleach and aerosols in a box on their own and keep them separate from your other items.

Unless you are not moving a significant amount of things, you will probably be unable to unpack everything on the first day. This means you need to have all of your essentials and daily items ready in a separate box or bag to avoid the requirement of digging through everything.

• Prepare an overnight bag for everyone in the family – make sure there are enough toilet rolls and toiletries for everyone to last until you’ve properly unpacked and settled in.

• Other useful items that should be kept close to hand include a torch, first aid kit and medications.

• If possible, ensure all your laundry is clean, as there can be big mix ups and trouble finding the clothes you need (that are clean) amidst the pile of stuff!

Be sensible with your packing

• Start packing well before the move date, it only gets more stressful as the day gets closer.

• Begin at the top of the house and move downwards – definitely start with the attic if you have one.

• Pack the heaviest items in small boxes, you’ll be tempted to fill them to the top and find that they are way too heavy to move!

• Pack one room at a time. It makes things so much easier if you know which boxes came from which room.

• Wrap your items individually and place in a box that has been lined appropriately for protection when required.

• Pack important documents together and keep them in a safe place!

By considering these top tips, you’ll ensure you are all set for a perfect transition between your old and new house – having you settled in in no time!

Top Tips for DIY Painting

There are some incredibly valuable tips for any painting contractors in North Wales, or for anyone who may be looking to redecorate the interior or exterior paintwork of their homes. It is the smaller things that make the big differences when trying to get the best results, and can quite often be overlooked by anyone wishing to carry out the painting themselves. Simply follow these top painting tips for your home improvement project and you will certainly see those desired results.

  • Quality Paints – Never waste your time or energy using cheap paints on walls or woodwork. Higher quality enamels will always best the cheaper options for use on walls and woodwork.
  • Buy The Best Brushes – Do not hesitate to purchase only the best brushes and painting tools. These tools will see you through a lifetime of painting and decorating, and most likely the lifetime of your home. Buying the best will only give you the best.
  • Preparations Between Coats – The work that is needed to prepare is often disliked by any professional painter or DIY homeowner, but is an essential process to keep efficiency during your project. For example, finish the painting on your ceiling and then move on to adding a coat on your walls or woodwork. Now when you come back to your walls or woodwork, any cracks or holes can be seen far easier.
  • Paint Colour Brochures – Adding odd colours to the exterior of your house can have a dramatic negative effect on the aesthetics. Often you can see houses with oddly coloured doors or window frames that make them stand out, and not in a positive way. Always use a paint colour brochure to browse the commonly used exterior colours to keep your house looking normal.
  • Use Fluorescent Light While Painting – There is nothing better than a big window soaking the interior that you are decorating with natural sunlight. Fluorescent light is the same as sunlight and keeps colours true. You are able to see clearly how your strokes are appearing on the wall or woodwork, allowing for quick and easy amendments if necessary. You can acquire cheap fluorescent lights easily to give you the same effect when natural sunlight is reduced or unavailable.
  • Filtering Paint – Your paint can become contaminated with things like hair or chunks of dried paint from your paintbrushes. Pouring your paint through a filter into your roller tray beforehand will give you incredibly smooth finishes that you can feel as you run your hand over it.

Painting your home will be a fresh, pleasant experience if you incorporate these incredibly simple and useful tips into your professional or home improvement projects. Set aside the right amount of time required to complete the job successfully and you will certainly see the results you desire.