LED Home Lighting Ideas

If you need to spruce up the lighting in your home or just want to add some attractive accent lighting to the current design of your room, LED strip lights might be the right choice for you! These modern and elegant lighting solutions don’t take up as much space as traditional lighting fixtures and can be a great way to maximise on space.

Kitchen Lighting
They can be used as accent lighting, placing LED strips underneath a kitchen island can create a subtle accent that helps to make your kitchen look that little bit special. Under cabinet LED lighting is also a popular choice, being able to choose between harsh overhead task lighting and softer LEDs can help to transform your kitchen from functional room to a place of tranquillity and relaxation.

Under the Bed Lighting
LED’s are so versatile that they can be used in any room of the home. The use of LEDs under the bed is a somewhat new idea you may want to consider using. Giving your bedroom a subtle ambient glow, it can help to make the room feel bigger. This technique can also be used with sofas or tables too.

We’ve all got collections of prized possessions that we have displayed in pride of place. Adding some carefully placed LED lighting can only enhance the display. Shelving exists in many places within the home, and with flexible LED strips it is easy to add a little bit of extra illumination to those dark areas; such as dark cupboards, or tight spaces.

Traditional bulb vanity mirrors have had their heyday, it’s time to make way for some funky LED solutions. Backlighting is a popular way to bring your mirror into the 21st century – it helps to give a soft glow light and it provides an even level of lighting which helps to make you look your very best.

LED light strips can be added to your stairs to give them a sleek and stylish look, and they also make the stairs easier to navigate when the main house lights are off. Soft ambient lighting is the new big trend for 2019, harsh lights are just so last year.

Hopefully, you’ve been tempted into exploring the vast world of LED lighting solutions, by using LED you are being environmentally friendly, energy efficient and creating a superb look for your home.