Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Kitchen

The kitchen is quite often the hub of the home, with lots of foot traffic each and every day. You cook there, quite possibly eat in there too, and sometimes just socialise with friends and family. It’s because they are used so much, that they require some maintenance and upgrades every so often.

For many people, upgrading their kitchen is a bit of a monumental task, that is going to potentially cost a lot of money. If you think that your kitchen is due an upgrade, get in touch with kitchens Bangor for a competitively priced new kitchen.  Here are some key signs to look out for that will help you decide if it’s time for a new kitchen.

Parts of the Kitchen Are Damaged

This is probably the biggest reason to upgrade your kitchen – along with it perhaps having an outdated look. Even though good-quality kitchen units, doors and appliances are reasonably sturdy, they can fall victim to daily wear and tear. They can be exposed to steam, condensation, sharp objects and heat. Even if you think it is only minor damage, those small chips in your kitchen counters or doors can have a negative impact on how the kitchen looks as a whole.

Sometimes it isn’t necessary to upgrade the whole kitchen, replacing problematic aspects such as a new kitchen door can help to rejuvenate and breathe new life into your kitchen.

Planning on Selling Your Home

Perhaps you want to move house, and you might be thinking – why should I bother upgrading my kitchen when I’m leaving anyway? Well, upgrading your kitchen can add some extra value to your property. If you’re moving into a new home that needs a bit of work doing to it, that extra money could really help.

Even doing simple things like putting in new kitchen doors can help to bring a fresh and renewed look to your kitchen.

Kitchens Bangor

Running Out of Space

Storage issues making you miserable? Running out of space all the time? These are signs you might need an upgrade. Lots of people just don’t have enough storage space in their kitchens for all their appliances, utensils, food or anything else. If your work surfaces are always covered in appliances with barely any room to chop an onion, it could be time for a redesign.

Doing a good old fashioned spring clean can go some ways to help this, but a lot of the time, you can actually create more space in your kitchen with the help of an upgrade. Kitchen designers will be able to advise on how best to maximise your storage space, with lots of clever space saving techniques.

The Functionality Isn’t Working Anymore

Quite a few home-owners have been known to sacrifice an efficient and functional kitchen design in favour of something trendy. This will be great for the first few weeks, but it does get old quick. Modern kitchens can be designed to be efficient when they are designed with daily practicalities in mind.

The triangle layout is recommended if you are planning on an upgrade. This is an imaginary triangle which includes the sink, fridge and cooker at each point. This layout is great in terms of efficiency, as it means that the three most used and important sections of the kitchen are close by and can be reached easily when it comes to cooking and working.

If any of the above signs relate to your kitchen, it’s perhaps time for a kitchen refresh to bring it back to the glory days. Kitchens North Wales are always on hand to advise on your new kitchen design.