Advice for Styling your Bathroom


If you’ve been thinking about giving your bathroom a makeover for quite a while now, there are plenty of plumbers merchants North Wales which offer the tools and equipment you need to get the much-needed renovation going. When it comes to planning your perfect bathroom, here’s some advice to ensure that you fall in the love with the final result.

Add Personality

bathroom-1336162_1280This advice should really go without saying, and if you’re already planning on doing just this, then we wholeheartedly support you in your decision. One tip to ensure that you continue to love your bathroom for years to come is to not be afraid to add a bit of colour and personality into your bathrooms design.

With so many homeowners striving for a hotel-perfect bathing space, adding your own personal influence can be a welcome change. Experiment with colour and décor to create a bathroom which is unique to you. Don’t just stick to ‘bathroom friendly’ paint colours or what the fancy interior design magazines tell you!

Be Practical

bathroom-1228427_1280A beautiful bathroom requires a large amount of planning beforehand. You might be tempted to have a huge bath tub or shower installed, but if you’re limited on space, the fantastic bath which fitted just right in the showroom will end up causing your bathroom to look cramped.

Plan out the sizes of every bathroom fitting, as well where they are going to go, and try to imagine the free space that will be left over (minus all your toiletries!). Small bathrooms can look just as luxurious as larger ones with good planning.

Corner cabinets and wall mounted basins are great for creating space within small bathrooms, and using lighter colours on the walls is a great way of giving the sense of open space within a room.

Consider Bigger Windows

bathroom-683088_640This isn’t always an option, but if you’re planning on fully renovating your bathroom, making your windows larger is a great way to keep your bathroom dry and free from mould.

Darker rooms often give the impression of a smaller space, and without an adequate air supply, mould and mildew and quickly build up unless you have a good extractor fan installed.

Hidden Storage

bathroom-728743_640Hidden storage doesn’t just benefit smaller bathrooms. Storage which is tucked away out of plain sight makes a bathroom less cluttered and much more appealing. Look for sinks which have concealed storage underneath them, which are great for hiding all of your toiletry supplies.