In God We Truss – A look at Roof Trusses in Churches Around the world

Roof Trusses are a fantastic element of architecture and are often used as a reliable and aesthetically pleasing support for roofing systems. Wood truss installations are sometimes left exposed as feature trusses – after all they are so amazing to look upon. They also give some insight into the construction, design and indeed character of the building.

The Truss of the River – Tarnow, Poland

This modernist, minimalistic church in Tarnow, Poland is in some ways more truss than church! The wood is left naked and bare, which helps when showing off the earthy, elegant nature of the material. The small wooden church was built high on the bank of the Vistula River in the small and quaint village of Tarnow, it was built by a private investor. The church serves as a place of quiet contemplation and prayer for the local community and is constructed entirely from wood; this is permitting its single glass wall. This window is the background of the altar. Within here you can find peace and serenity by looking out through the window to the river and beyond, over to the horizon.


A Truss in Nature – Sainte Genevieve Chapel, France

At the heart of Lorraine National Park, the Sainte Genevieve chapel can be found through the hiking trails near the riverside of Meuse. A natural site at which the forest remains as the main aesthetic feature. This is aside from this magnificently overlaid truss which supports the roof of this small but handsome building. After fire damage the chapel was compromised in its integrity therefore the truss renovations took place in order to support it with a new dense, repetitive wooden frame. The result is a beautiful pattern. Today the chapel is used for prayer, activities or a shelter for weary hikers.

A New England Truss – Saint Michael Church in Pawcatuck Connecticut, USA

Following the main sanctuary of the 130 year old roof system of a classic New England church, Father Perkins wisely contacted some engineers and architects to help out. It was decided to take down the old walls and roof to the foundations and rebuild from there. Using Douglas fir timber, the team constructed some graceful arched beams which would serve as the new support for the roofing system. This is a classic ‘hammer beam roof’. The result is a gigantic, elegant church building.

See for yourself in this video:

Truss of the Angels – St Mary – St Catherine of Siena Parish, USA

This historic Roman Catholic parish in Charlestown, Massachusetts is the result of a merger of two separate parishes. The building itself is one of the masterpieces of architect Patrick Keely who built it between 1887 and 1893. Its ornate interior boasts stained glass windows and a hammer beam oak ceiling. This includes some intricate angels that were carved by Keely himself. This is really something to behold as these trusses feature stunning attention to detail and intricate designs and patterns worked into it.

The St Catherine’s building is a Romanesque design which was completed in 1895, closed in 2008. The brick building is a well-known landmark visible from the Tobin Bridge.

Finding Luxury New Build Apartments

If you are in the position to purchase your very own place, look no further than luxury new build apartments in North Wales. These luxury new build apartments along the North Wales coast can completely transform your way of life and bring you into the 21st Century. These state-of-the-art apartments provide residence with space and luxury in abundance, alongside spectacular views and scenery. However, before jumping into the purchasing process, there are several steps and considerations for you to take. So let’s look further into finding yourself a luxury new build apartment.

When searching for the apartment of your dreams you should really try to take your time. Rushing into the first apartment that you find can be incredibly risky, unless you get extremely lucky. Take into account your personal needs and requirements. These could be as follows:

  • Is the apartment you have found for a single resident or families?
  • Does the apartment building allow pets?
  • If you are uneasy with heights, is your apartment on a low enough level?
  • What is your budget?

These are only a few basic questions to ask yourself before purchasing; however, following these may well help you in finding the apartment of your dreams. But before you make contact with the site Development Company or estate, you should also consider the following:

Is the location of your apartment suitable for you to live? This will all be dependent on your personal preferences; for example, are you close to schools for your children? Are you relatively close to shops or other conveniences? Will you still be close enough to your current place of work?

Once you have done your research, it is time to contact the apartment Development Company and estate agents to discuss your potential apartment. A reliable and experienced team of professionals will be more than willing to spend time with you make the purchase of your dream apartment as easy as possible.

Why we LOVE Concrete Worktops.

Concrete and the New Era of Design

We know what you’re thinking, “Really? Concrete?.. in MY house? LOL, that’s’ more suitable for a pavement top or to seal up a disused nuclear reactor, not for the place where I cut my celery.” Well, you’re in for a little surprise, as concrete is quickly becoming the world’s favourite artistic tool in which to craft kitchens of unparalleled beauty and significance.

You REALLY need to see what can be done with the magic of the ‘crete. Let’s begin by addressing the common misconceptions. Concrete worktops today are installed to they look akin to natural stone. This look is achieved through careful moulding and crating after being treated with acid staining that prices a look of granite or slate and can be done in any which colour your brain can conjure up. While that’s one of the more popular looks, you can incorporate any number of styles.

Ceramic, glass or stone tiles can be embedded in the form of concrete to form an incredibly attractive border or edge. This surface can be etched upon to give it an engraved pattern. The possibilities really are only limited by your creativity. And that’s hit the nail on the head – the reason that people like to use concrete is that it sets you free creatively.

Let the concrete set you free.

Concrete countertops are durable – it’s probably a bit spooky to say but concrete worktops are designed to outlast their owners!! They are extremely hard-wearing, perfect for resisting chipping and scratching. So you won’t have to replace it until comes a time where you feel it’s time to go.

Concrete counters are incredibly easy to maintain. They might need a reseal every few years but it’s a quick and easy job when it’s been done properly the counters won’t stain or sustain any bacteria. The counters will clean up lickity-split with some soap and water,

Concrete worktops give your home an upscale look, they will change your image of concrete forever. If you haven’t yet seen any yet you owe it to yourself to get in touch with a studio see their portfolio and witness with your own eyes exactly what is possible with this magical material.

It can add class and distinction to any bathroom, kitchen or any area of the home you see fit.

What to Look for in a Roof?

Has the Roofer done a good job?

We all love a good roof, whether it is decadent with the most colourful of tiles or armoured with handsome and simple clear cut tiling – we all know that a roof is a roof… is a roof, right?.
However, what on earth makes a good roof, and how would one differentiate this from a bad roof? Well, never fear as I will guide you through several points to consider on the quality of the crowning piece of any house or structure. For roof repair, we recommend getting in touch with Roofers North Wales.

A roof is incredibly important – it’s all that is standing between you and any vertical assault from the elements. And as such over timer it can be worn down by natural wear and tear. Never fear, as this blog is dedicated to the education and assistance of our reader’s in-home care.

How old is the rooftop? The first and foremost factor in checking out how old a rooftop is to check the overall integrity of the roof, stand from a distance and investigate a number of factors. Firstly, check to see if it’s mould free, make sure that the roof is perfectly even and that there are no irregular bulges or curry sections.

Look for worn out spots to see if any of the shingles are missing. If you see these deformities it indicates that the roof is quite old. This isn’t necessarily such a huge issue, however, you need to check that it hasn’t been negatively affected in any way. Ask the homeowner about the lifespan of the roof. Roofs are commonly made from the composite shingles, which help the roof last for a considerably longer time with minimal difficulties. Different materials will have different properties.

A good ventilation system is a key to success when it comes to roof checking If the house you’re thinking of buying has a wonderful gleaming roof on top, if the ventilation mechanism is fired then you’re looking at a ticking time bomb ready to fail.

A good ventilation system that allows sunlight and air to come in easily and do their thing is a must, these two things should not be neglected when buying a house.

Investigate the draining system and the guttering along the roof, a good way to do this is to get up there yourself, or better yet hire a drone North Wales to come and carry out a survey for you, you could also leave it to the experts., A seepage system involves downspouts gutters and drainage pipes. While checking these, look for asphalt shingle grains thoroughly because the small grains that coasts shingles are responsible for shielding the shingles from the obliterating beams of sunlight.

Look for breaks and leaks. Leaking is a killer when it comes to house-care. It plays a vital role in the slow dilapidation of the house. Leaking can harm just about every aspect of a house, it mainly happens in the valleys, plumbing and roofing leaks and can come out to play when it rains heavily. You need to get hold of professional Roofers North Wales to find a leak and repair it.

Why Use Kitchen Fitters or Designers?

There are some of us who have a clear vision for the design of our kitchen. In fact, those people with clear visions tend to have an idea of the design of their entire home and how each room will complement one another. Pre-determined kitchen designs leave little room for amendment or preference, which means you need to adjust your ideas to suit these existing designs. However, using kitchen fitters in Bangor can allow homeowners to make all the design choices whilst having an experienced helping hand.

Choosing to work with a kitchen fitter can allow you to gain back control of your kitchen layout and have a wealth of design knowledge at your disposal. The only obstacles that you will face will be budget constraints, space, and your imagination. There are so many variants in materials, colours, and finishes that can make your kitchen truly unique. Your kitchen fitter can provide you with a range of different design choices that are guaranteed to complement each other.

Even if you have fallen for a previously designed kitchen, your designer can help you to make it more bespoke by changing and improving aspects that can truly make the kitchen design your own. The incorporation of personal bespoke designs into basic designs is an easy process for kitchen fitters that can bring your dream home into reality.

Kitchen fitters and designers are there to bring your designs to life, whilst making your new renovation as convenient and efficient as possible. A major factor for any kitchen design is creating a space that is easy to maneuver inside and to access each area conveniently. Lighting can dramatically change the overall look and feel of a kitchen; creating the illusion of more space.

Choosing to use kitchen fitters and designers from an experienced company in your area can dramatically improve the renovation process and provide you with a room in your home that you won’t want to leave.

Durability with Industrial Resin Flooring

Despite concrete being an incredibly strong and durable material, there is no denying that over time there will be noticeable damage after being subjected to foot traffic, friction and water. Water seeping into the porous concrete can also cause damage to the foundations and lead to further deterioration of your floor. However, there is a cost-effective solution to this problem that comes in the form of an epoxy resin floor. This relatively inexpensive solution provides an immensely durable floor that is perfect for durable epoxy resin flooring and many other industrial floors.

The technology behind epoxy resin flooring addresses the problem that almost all of the floors found in a variety of industries are subjected to heavy loads and the potential to be severely damaged. When an epoxy resin floor is applied to the already existing concrete floor, you are left with a seamless method of protection that will last you a very long time. This fantastic flooring technology can adjust to the condition of almost any existing floor and, alongside the correct preparation method, will become an invaluable asset to your hangar, garage, warehouse or other industrial environments.

Epoxy resin flooring can come in a variety of different colours that can make a dull concrete floor exciting and inspiring. There is also a choice of finishes such as a shiny gloss or a simple matt. This means that companies wanting to stick to a rather specific colour scheme can choose to use corporate colours on their floors. There is even the option to incorporate a floor graphic into the resin that advertises the company logo or simply aesthetically pleasing imagery.
More and more industries are discovering the many benefits of resin floors, and a reliable and experienced epoxy resin installation company in your area will be more than willing to provide you with a no-obligation quote, alongside any more information you require before deciding on your new industrial floor.

Choosing the Right Builders Merchant

Builder Merchant, North WalesAre you thinking about starting a major home renovation yourself? The knowledge of reliable builders merchants North Wales has in its arsenal will take a lot of the stress away from your DIY project and ultimately make things much easier for you. They supply thousands of decorating and renovation products to specialist industry people such as builders, electricians, plumbers, and members of the public.

The range of products that are stocked by a majority of builder’s merchants is rather substantial. This can include materials such as timber, breeze blocks, aggregates, cement, bricks, and plumbing materials. You may find that certain merchants specialise towards bathrooms or garden and landscape products. Whatever supplies you may require, make sure your merchant has sufficient stock and receives stock regularly, and if you plan on picking up your supplies yourself, make sure there is easy access to loading areas.

You will find more often than not that a reliable merchant will have many years of experience in a variety of fields, which make it feasible for them to supply the various building supplies. This can benefit you as a customer as you are only dealing with a single supplier instead of several. Builder’s merchants should also be up to date with technology and e-commerce, making it far easier to find your one supplier efficiently using online resources.

A reliable merchant can offer various services that most DIY shops simply can not compete with. These additional services can range from brick matching to timber cutting for a precise and exact length of timber. It is these services and more that make a builders merchant the best option available for any home renovation or DIY project.

However, it may seem quicker and far easier for customers to flock to the various and popular DIY shops whose name they are familiar with, but rushing into a chain of DIY shops simply because of the familiarity could potentially risk missing out on far better products and possibly better trade prices.

Some DIY shops will almost certainly stock the products you need, but they usually don’t stock them in such large quantities. It is very common for companies buying supplies to buy them in bulk, so the materials are on site and ready to be used at all times. Several trips for smaller quantities can become frustrating and time consuming for builders.

Builder Merchant, North Wales

Before going ahead and choosing a builders merchant for your home renovation or DIY project, there are a small set of questions to ask yourself in advance in order for your project to be efficient and cost effective:

  1. What is your project and what is your plan? – You can get a firmer grasp on the scale of the project by planning out each stage and precisely what supplies you will need. You may notice a part of the plan that you don’t fully understand which can then be discussed with your supplier.
  2. How long will the project take? – As a crucial part of the project plan, a time frame should be laid out to figure out an exact deadline. Doing this can determine whether the project requires an extra pair of hands, especially if the deadline is due to a visit from the in-laws.
  3. Do you have enough in your budget? – Once the project plan and time frame are set, you can begin to estimate the building materials, tools, and labour costs, and also including a small amount for unexpected costs.

It is important for you to do your research when it concerns DIY and home renovation projects, to ensure a successful home improvement. Gather information on the most trusted builders merchants in your area, and ask for advice from any friends or family in the industry who may have dealt with one of those suppliers

Your Guide to Home Extensions and Selecting an Architect

architects cheshireYou might have decided that now is the time to do something drastic. Perhaps you’ve never had the space that you need in a home, or perhaps you’ve decided that now you’ve suddenly got more space through the children leaving the nest, your family home can finally realise its dream of becoming an out and out penthouse.

There’s a number of things anyone can do with their home in order to turn the most standard of large family houses into ultra-chic, swanky homes which are the envy of miles and miles around – or even simply to create more space where it’s needed. Before you pick up your sledgehammer, put on your hard hat and decide that things have got to change, there are services out there that can make it easy for you.

Architects in Cheshire can provide you much needed help with the design and the development of your undertaking, to ensure that excellent design and quality craftsmanship go hand in hand with your dreams – making your home less of a DIY disaster and more of a grand design. (That, and we can’t condone smashing through load-bearing walls accidentally. Not even once.)

architects chester

Take BR Architecture, for instance. BR Architecture have friendly staff and excellent credentials – a very strong portfolio and a slew of happy customers from within the North Wales and Cheshire area. Furthermore – and what’s truly important, is that they can give your home the care and attention it deserves.

With a full design service which includes an absolutely free site visit in your home, BR Architecture can then advise you on your project with regard to every single idea, and turn it into a workable, solid design which will both be absolutely jawdropping and will stand the test of time.

Another plus to BR Architecture is their staff. While indeed they’re more than friendly enough, they can tell you in no uncertain terms what will, and what won’t work – delivering a fair dose of honesty with costs and what approvals are required for the job.

The Cheshire area is full of architects and design services, but BR Architecture stands head and shoulders above many of the other architects in Chester with regard to skill, portfolio and of course attention to detail.

Roof Truss or Cement Mixing: A career in Construction

With many young people turning to trades and with over 400,000 veterans looking to retire from the industry in the next 10 years, there could be no better opportunity to get involved whether you’re an architect or a roof truss builder.
This goes hand in hand with the Conservative initiative that promises to promote affordable living to new homeowners and plenty of opportunities for burgeoning tradesmen to learn their craft. The representative for the Home Builders Federation, Steve Turner, said, “We’re building 115,000 homes a year and we’ve got to increase that to 220,000 to hit government targets.
Every home built creates 1.5 full-time jobs on site and two more in the supply chain. The downturn in 2007-08 saw house builders lose 40pc of capacity with people being made redundant so there are plenty of opportunities.”
Recent surprising statements have indicated that bricklayers could earn around £40,000 a year as demand soars – a stark contrast from the pittance some people think they’re on! Couple this with the stabilisation of the recession and you’re looking at a brilliant financial upturn.
There are many venues that you can explore to assist you with your learning with some people opting for college-based tutelage. Here, you can enjoy plenty of expert teaching over the length of your course and when you leave, you’ll feel like you know all there is to know.
However, for the best representation of what your site experience will be like, sector professional advise learning on the job as part of a training scheme. In this, you can discover your passion and surge ahead of the competition with your expertise as you put one foot on the ladder.
You can do also both at the same time with industry guru, Jeff Fairburn, saying, “I started work on a Youth Training Scheme as a trainee quantity surveyor at 17, working alongside tradesmen, helping out on site, doing manual work, getting valuable practical experience,” after also having his A-Levels to contend with.
So, if you’re contemplating a career in construction, there doesn’t seem to be a better time to put your hard hat on.