LED Home Lighting Ideas

If you need to spruce up the lighting in your home or just want to add some attractive accent lighting to the current design of your room, LED strip lights might be the right choice for you! These modern and elegant lighting solutions don’t take up as much space as traditional lighting fixtures and can be a great way to maximise on space.

Kitchen Lighting
They can be used as accent lighting, placing LED strips underneath a kitchen island can create a subtle accent that helps to make your kitchen look that little bit special. Under cabinet LED lighting is also a popular choice, being able to choose between harsh overhead task lighting and softer LEDs can help to transform your kitchen from functional room to a place of tranquillity and relaxation.

Under the Bed Lighting
LED’s are so versatile that they can be used in any room of the home. The use of LEDs under the bed is a somewhat new idea you may want to consider using. Giving your bedroom a subtle ambient glow, it can help to make the room feel bigger. This technique can also be used with sofas or tables too.

We’ve all got collections of prized possessions that we have displayed in pride of place. Adding some carefully placed LED lighting can only enhance the display. Shelving exists in many places within the home, and with flexible LED strips it is easy to add a little bit of extra illumination to those dark areas; such as dark cupboards, or tight spaces.

Traditional bulb vanity mirrors have had their heyday, it’s time to make way for some funky LED solutions. Backlighting is a popular way to bring your mirror into the 21st century – it helps to give a soft glow light and it provides an even level of lighting which helps to make you look your very best.

LED light strips can be added to your stairs to give them a sleek and stylish look, and they also make the stairs easier to navigate when the main house lights are off. Soft ambient lighting is the new big trend for 2019, harsh lights are just so last year.

Hopefully, you’ve been tempted into exploring the vast world of LED lighting solutions, by using LED you are being environmentally friendly, energy efficient and creating a superb look for your home.

About Your Hardwood Floor: Cleaning, Maintenance – and Protecting Against Pet Urine

Cleaning a hardwood floor

What’s so hard about caring for hard wood? Well, due to the raw nature of this natural material, it’s extremely reactive – for that reason special care and attention has to be paid to it. If certain substances are exposed to it over time it can have serious consequences, to give you a hand with this we have made a little .


Dust your floors every day with a microfibre mop or swifter. These trap dirt particles, pet hair and other various household allergens with static electricity. Microfibre mop pads are more effective than sweeping with a broom. They’re also safer, since some broom bristles can actually scratch a floor’s surface.

When dusting with a microfibre mop, lift it of the floor as little as possible so that dirt can stay trapped on the pad.


Vacuum once a week with a soft-bristle floor brush attachment. Dust the floor with a microfiber mop before beginning. If you leave a lot of debris on the floor when you vacuum – this can scratch the floor surface. After using the microfibre pad, carefully vacuum the floor using the floor brush attachment.

Pay special attention to the vacuum wheel that can scratch the woods surface if you aren’t careful.

Hardwood Cleaner

Use a hardwood floor cleaner once a month, use the damphead mop with a microfibre head – don’t damped it with water – instead mist the mop head with a specially designed cleaner for hardwood. Use the minimum amount of cleaner required.

Cleaning Pet Urine – Dogs and Cats

YIKES! The dog pee pee-d on the hardwood floor! What is one to do?

Not to worry, we have put together this article in how best to care for a hardwood floor in a manner that will mean that it will last as long as possible.

If the dog went to the toilet on the floor, then start by wasting no time, blot up as much urine as you can with a paper town. Wipe from outside to the centre – this avoids spreading the moisture out.

Wipe it Up!

Once it’s wiped up, try blotting up the remaining spillage with a damp paper towel.

Sprinkle Baking Soda

Next up, sprinkle a generous helping of baking soda on the spot, soaking it up more effectively.


Allow the baking soda you have spread over the place to sit for several hours – or even overnight. The next day use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the residue. In order to avoid damaging the wooden floor, make use of a soft brush attachment to the vacuum.

Stain Remover

Now, if there is a discoloured area, soak it with an enzyme based stain remover. Be sure to choose a stain remover that is safe for hardwood floors. It’s also a good idea to test the cleaner first in an inconspicuous area – like inside a closet to make sure that it won’t stain the floor.

Follow the labels instructions – and blot up the excess.

Dog Safe Cleaner Finish!

When it’s clean – clean the floors with a dog-safe cleaner

If you act fast you can halt or limit all damage to your floor – hardwood isn’t the cheapest, so if you can preserve this you will likely be extremely pleased!

The same rules apply for oak internal doors Cheshire, if your animal likes to urine vertically – as they often do!

Why we LOVE Concrete Worktops.

Concrete and the New Era of Design

We know what you’re thinking, “Really? Concrete?.. in MY house? LOL, that’s’ more suitable for a pavement top or to seal up a disused nuclear reactor, not for the place where I cut my celery.” Well, you’re in for a little surprise, as concrete is quickly becoming the world’s favourite artistic tool in which to craft kitchens of unparalleled beauty and significance.

You REALLY need to see what can be done with the magic of the ‘crete. Let’s begin by addressing the common misconceptions. Concrete worktops today are installed to they look akin to natural stone. This look is achieved through careful moulding and crating after being treated with acid staining that prices a look of granite or slate and can be done in any which colour your brain can conjure up. While that’s one of the more popular looks, you can incorporate any number of styles.

Ceramic, glass or stone tiles can be embedded in the form of concrete to form an incredibly attractive border or edge. This surface can be etched upon to give it an engraved pattern. The possibilities really are only limited by your creativity. And that’s hit the nail on the head – the reason that people like to use concrete is that it sets you free creatively.

Let the concrete set you free.

Concrete countertops are durable – it’s probably a bit spooky to say but concrete worktops are designed to outlast their owners!! They are extremely hard-wearing, perfect for resisting chipping and scratching. So you won’t have to replace it until comes a time where you feel it’s time to go.

Concrete counters are incredibly easy to maintain. They might need a reseal every few years but it’s a quick and easy job when it’s been done properly the counters won’t stain or sustain any bacteria. The counters will clean up lickity-split with some soap and water,

Concrete worktops give your home an upscale look, they will change your image of concrete forever. If you haven’t yet seen any yet you owe it to yourself to get in touch with a studio see their portfolio and witness with your own eyes exactly what is possible with this magical material.

It can add class and distinction to any bathroom, kitchen or any area of the home you see fit.

What to Look for in a Roof?

Has the Roofer done a good job?

We all love a good roof, whether it is decadent with the most colourful of tiles or armoured with handsome and simple clear cut tiling – we all know that a roof is a roof… is a roof, right?.
However, what on earth makes a good roof, and how would one differentiate this from a bad roof? Well, never fear as I will guide you through several points to consider on the quality of the crowning piece of any house or structure. For roof repair, we recommend getting in touch with Roofers North Wales.

A roof is incredibly important – it’s all that is standing between you and any vertical assault from the elements. And as such over timer it can be worn down by natural wear and tear. Never fear, as this blog is dedicated to the education and assistance of our reader’s in-home care.

How old is the rooftop? The first and foremost factor in checking out how old a rooftop is to check the overall integrity of the roof, stand from a distance and investigate a number of factors. Firstly, check to see if it’s mould free, make sure that the roof is perfectly even and that there are no irregular bulges or curry sections.

Look for worn out spots to see if any of the shingles are missing. If you see these deformities it indicates that the roof is quite old. This isn’t necessarily such a huge issue, however, you need to check that it hasn’t been negatively affected in any way. Ask the homeowner about the lifespan of the roof. Roofs are commonly made from the composite shingles, which help the roof last for a considerably longer time with minimal difficulties. Different materials will have different properties.

A good ventilation system is a key to success when it comes to roof checking If the house you’re thinking of buying has a wonderful gleaming roof on top, if the ventilation mechanism is fired then you’re looking at a ticking time bomb ready to fail.

A good ventilation system that allows sunlight and air to come in easily and do their thing is a must, these two things should not be neglected when buying a house.

Investigate the draining system and the guttering along the roof, a good way to do this is to get up there yourself, or better yet hire a drone North Wales to come and carry out a survey for you, you could also leave it to the experts., A seepage system involves downspouts gutters and drainage pipes. While checking these, look for asphalt shingle grains thoroughly because the small grains that coasts shingles are responsible for shielding the shingles from the obliterating beams of sunlight.

Look for breaks and leaks. Leaking is a killer when it comes to house-care. It plays a vital role in the slow dilapidation of the house. Leaking can harm just about every aspect of a house, it mainly happens in the valleys, plumbing and roofing leaks and can come out to play when it rains heavily. You need to get hold of professional Roofers North Wales to find a leak and repair it.

Reasons to Choose an Oak Door

There’s plenty of variety when it comes to choosing oak doors Chester. Which is right for your house, so much so that many people will be tempted to go for an alternatively produced door. However, we’ve written this blog because we feel very strongly that you would much rather benefit from investing in a properly constructed and carefully assembled Oak Door which is created from wood rather than another, lesser material.


Oak doors are incredibly durable, you should be making a decision that will withstand the test of time. If you choose a properly manufactured door which is a poor quality, then your home is sure to suffer in other ways, if not the price. It’s not worth saving a few quid over a low-quality door which won’t do the job very well, and then you must get totally replaced in a couple of years anyway. Choose a strong and stable door for your home.


Heat Insulation

Oak doors do a great job in trapping heat – making the perfect insulator, this is especially important as we head into the colder winter months. However, it’s also useful in summer, as the insulation helps your home to keep cool. Oak is a naturally dense material which makes it incredibly energy efficient.

It’s a Cold World Out There!


Complements other furnishings.

Oak is a very attractive make of wood. This means that it works well with other furnishings. From oak floors chester to cupboards, to tables and chairs, oaken doors complement many kinds of furnishings.

Reduce noise.

Do you just hate the noise pollution from another room coming into the room you’re in currently? Does it wake you up in the morning, keep you up at night and generally spoil your tranquillity?


Another benefit of an oak door is the price. Oak doors are incredibly affordable and can really help with a budget in house renovation and refurbishment.


There’s nothing quite like the visual appeal and splendour of a well-crafted oak door. Oak is a classic material which has been used for literally thousands of years. It can be used in an old-school fashion to give your home a cosy and comfortable look of ages past, and it can also be used in modern capacity to adorn your living space with a contemporary shimmer and sense of high quality.

So we hope there’s enough here to prove to you that the clever lady or bloke buys a door of oak! Best of luck with your door hunting.

Choosing the Right Builders Merchant

Builder Merchant, North WalesAre you thinking about starting a major home renovation yourself? The knowledge of reliable builders merchants North Wales has in its arsenal will take a lot of the stress away from your DIY project and ultimately make things much easier for you. They supply thousands of decorating and renovation products to specialist industry people such as builders, electricians, plumbers, and members of the public.

The range of products that are stocked by a majority of builder’s merchants is rather substantial. This can include materials such as timber, breeze blocks, aggregates, cement, bricks, and plumbing materials. You may find that certain merchants specialise towards bathrooms or garden and landscape products. Whatever supplies you may require, make sure your merchant has sufficient stock and receives stock regularly, and if you plan on picking up your supplies yourself, make sure there is easy access to loading areas.

You will find more often than not that a reliable merchant will have many years of experience in a variety of fields, which make it feasible for them to supply the various building supplies. This can benefit you as a customer as you are only dealing with a single supplier instead of several. Builder’s merchants should also be up to date with technology and e-commerce, making it far easier to find your one supplier efficiently using online resources.

A reliable merchant can offer various services that most DIY shops simply can not compete with. These additional services can range from brick matching to timber cutting for a precise and exact length of timber. It is these services and more that make a builders merchant the best option available for any home renovation or DIY project.

However, it may seem quicker and far easier for customers to flock to the various and popular DIY shops whose name they are familiar with, but rushing into a chain of DIY shops simply because of the familiarity could potentially risk missing out on far better products and possibly better trade prices.

Some DIY shops will almost certainly stock the products you need, but they usually don’t stock them in such large quantities. It is very common for companies buying supplies to buy them in bulk, so the materials are on site and ready to be used at all times. Several trips for smaller quantities can become frustrating and time consuming for builders.

Builder Merchant, North Wales

Before going ahead and choosing a builders merchant for your home renovation or DIY project, there are a small set of questions to ask yourself in advance in order for your project to be efficient and cost effective:

  1. What is your project and what is your plan? – You can get a firmer grasp on the scale of the project by planning out each stage and precisely what supplies you will need. You may notice a part of the plan that you don’t fully understand which can then be discussed with your supplier.
  2. How long will the project take? – As a crucial part of the project plan, a time frame should be laid out to figure out an exact deadline. Doing this can determine whether the project requires an extra pair of hands, especially if the deadline is due to a visit from the in-laws.
  3. Do you have enough in your budget? – Once the project plan and time frame are set, you can begin to estimate the building materials, tools, and labour costs, and also including a small amount for unexpected costs.

It is important for you to do your research when it concerns DIY and home renovation projects, to ensure a successful home improvement. Gather information on the most trusted builders merchants in your area, and ask for advice from any friends or family in the industry who may have dealt with one of those suppliers

How to achieve a modern kitchen style?

modern kitchens

If you haven’t updated your kitchen in a while, it might be looking a bit outdated. Whilst replacing the whole kitchen is an obvious quick fix to refresh the entire area, it might not be the right time for you financially or practically. As such, there are a number of other ways you may want to consider in the meantime.

Creating a modern space doesn’t mean ripping out all cupboards and tiles! Sometimes simple replacements and additions to the kitchen can make a world of difference quickly and effectively.

Handle-less kitchen cupboards

Cupboards without visible handles are modern, sleek and stylish which have made them become popular over the past few years. Without the handle, there is a real slimmed down feel about these doors and they will look fantastic in almost any kitchen, adding that much-needed style.

Given the huge range of colours and shades that you can get your hands on for kitchen cupboard doors, you’ll be sure to find one that fits seamlessly with your existing set up and style. This is a good first step you can try out to create modern style.

Remove the clutter

Modern kitchens are not meant to have a load of appliances and crockery scattered or placed around the worktops. They are supposed to be clear and clutter free, so think about how you can improve this.

This is a method that you can use where you don’t actually have to purchase anything, just remove as much of the stuff away as possible. It is a simple and effective way to make a big difference to your kitchen.

Whilst immediately removing clutter will help a lot, its benefits won’t just get you a more stylish looking kitchen. It will make it a lot easier to prepare and cook your foods, improving your cooking experience tenfold.

Use darker shades

We tend to think that kitchens should be bright, airy and full of light colours. This is not necessarily true, as we are starting to see with modern kitchens that incorporate a lot of colours that wouldn’t traditionally be used in this room.

Black and grey are two colours that work well with modern kitchens and don’t create a dark and dreary atmosphere as you may think. In fact, it is quite the opposite. These create cutting edge design and a real atmospheric vibe in your cooking space.

You can even create contrast with striking colours such as deep red and blue!

Make your kitchen ‘Smart’

When you are recreating your kitchen to make it appear more modern, why not get some of the latest technology. There are a number of appliances that don’t just look sleek, but can offer new functionality and convenience to your space. You’ll be able to turn off and on your appliance with your smartphone, as well as monitor its usage and your own cooking behaviour. Some appliances now recognise the food type and weight, then proceeding to cook it for you to absolute, calculated perfection. Even your fridge could communicate to you with some recommended recipes based on what you have got in – or better yet, check if you have milk in when at the shops!

It doesn’t take too much effort to transform your kitchen from a dreary old looking thing into something a lot more sleek, stylish and welcoming. For more ideas or to find a good kitchen fitter, check out Greentree Kitchens North Wales.

Moving house easily and working with a removals company

removals north walesMoving house can be a huge disruption and make for lots of panic, confusion and period of unsettlement. There are definitely a few things you can learn before the big move that will make the whole process much easier to manage.

Before you begin, consider what you don’t need to take with you and think about getting a skip to throw these unneeded things away, making the process easier, to begin with.
You don’t need to leave everything to the day before the move. Make a priority packing list to take the stress off remembering your desired order of importance, before you begin considering the following tips:

• Calculate how many boxes you are going to need and get these in your hands well in advance of the move day. This gives you plenty of time to get everything packed and labelled before the removals company North Wales comes to collect your belongings. Think about the other materials you might need, such as strong tape, bubble wrap and packaging bags to ensure everything is kept safe.

• When packing your boxes, check that you haven’t overfilled them both on a volume and weight basis. Making them too heavy is going to make it difficult for both you and the removals company North Wales to efficiently move your items.

• Use rigid and safe packaging boxes – there are a number of cheap options that will undoubtedly result in broken boxes, dropped or lost belongings and uncomfortable moving.

• Check that your contents are covered by insurance if they are of significant value, as things can go wrong, even if you have prepared to the maximum.

• Place all hazardous materials, such as paint, bleach and aerosols in a box on their own and keep them separate from your other items.

Unless you are not moving a significant amount of things, you will probably be unable to unpack everything on the first day. This means you need to have all of your essentials and daily items ready in a separate box or bag to avoid the requirement of digging through everything.

• Prepare an overnight bag for everyone in the family – make sure there are enough toilet rolls and toiletries for everyone to last until you’ve properly unpacked and settled in.

• Other useful items that should be kept close to hand include a torch, first aid kit and medications.

• If possible, ensure all your laundry is clean, as there can be big mix ups and trouble finding the clothes you need (that are clean) amidst the pile of stuff!

Be sensible with your packing

• Start packing well before the move date, it only gets more stressful as the day gets closer.

• Begin at the top of the house and move downwards – definitely start with the attic if you have one.

• Pack the heaviest items in small boxes, you’ll be tempted to fill them to the top and find that they are way too heavy to move!

• Pack one room at a time. It makes things so much easier if you know which boxes came from which room.

• Wrap your items individually and place in a box that has been lined appropriately for protection when required.

• Pack important documents together and keep them in a safe place!

By considering these top tips, you’ll ensure you are all set for a perfect transition between your old and new house – having you settled in in no time!

Making the Most Out of Your Wood Burning Stove

Villager wood burning stovesA wood burning stove can be a fantastic investment, but only if you know how to make the most out of it.

Stoves can produce an impressive amount of heat, and Villager wood burning stoves are an excellent example of this.

Their powerhouse ‘Villager A Flat’ model has a heat output of 14kw – and is designed to heat large open plan spaces efficiently.

Of course, that amount of heating power isn’t always necessary for smaller homes, but you’ll still want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. If you’ve yet to purchase your stove, you’ll need to first decide whether you’ll be just burning wood, or a combination of wood and coal.

Some stoves are exclusively wood burners, whereas multi-fuel stoves allow you to burn both coal and wood. Burning wood releases less CO2 than coal, making it a better option for the environment, and is typically cheaper to buy.

Before buying your stove, it’s worth trying to calculate how much you’ll be spending in wood or coal.

If you live in a rural area then it’s likely you’ll find plenty of local places selling wood at reasonable prices – but if you live in an area where wood is more difficult to source locally, it’s likely you’ll have to pay more.

When fuelling your fire, never put freshly cut wood straight onto it. Freshly-cut wood is full of moisture, and energy from the fire will be wasted in burning off the water from it, drastically reducing efficiency. Burning wood with a high moisture content also leaves more build-up within the chimney, as well as creating more smoke.

The general guide for wood is to use pieces which contain less than 25% moisture content. A moisture meter can tell you how dry your wood is, but you can also often tell by the weight of it. If you do happen to invest in some freshly cut wood, it’s advised that you ‘season’ it for at least one year in a dry place.

To ensure that your wood gets thoroughly burned, it’s worth investing in a wood burning stove which features Cleanburn technology. Cleanburn is a system in which hot air is introduced to the stove, just above the fire. The introduction of air allows for unburned hydrocarbons to combust, maximising the efficiency of the fire.

DIY: Dealing With Damp in Your Bathroom

plumber's merchants denbighshire

We see a lot of rainfall here in Wales, and it can be bad news for quite a lot of properties which are not adequately prepared to deal with damp and mould. Mould can cause a number of health issues, yet many people still continue to live with it in their homes.

If you find yourself scrubbing mould from your ceilings and walls during the colder and wetter months of the year, you may need to tackle the problem at the source. Cleaning away mould will temporarily remove it, but unless you find out what is causing it – you’ll be going through the same process each year.

The best way to remove existing mould, and without spending a fortune on branded fungicidal sprays is by using a mixture of one-part bleach and three parts water. It’s worth wearing a mask whilst you do this, as breathing in bleach fumes can be harmful, especially if you find yourself doing this quite often.

Mould is most commonly seen within bathrooms, but there are steps you can take to reduce this. To begin with, ensure that your shower or bath is draining properly. Water that remains in the tub or shower tray will eventually evaporate into the room, causing damp over time.

plumber's merchants denbighshire

You can hire an expert to come in and sort out your plumbing issues, or you can pop down to a plumber’s merchants Denbighshire and purchase all the tools and piping yourself if you have some experience.

If you don’t already have one, installing a fan can be incredibly beneficial when it comes to reducing mould. It’s quite an investment and not everyone has this option depending on the size of their bathroom and design of their house, but adding extra ventilation with additional windows is always the most effective option.

Not all bathrooms are tiled throughout, and if your walls aren’t thoroughly waterproof, they’ll absorb moisture over time. Paint your walls with a high quality primer to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

You can also waterproof your bathroom floor with primer, adding silicone to any gaps in the tiles for added waterproofing. This can also help to prevent leaks from the bathroom down to the floor below, which often causes serious structural issues within homes.

Having a fully waterproof bathroom is also likely to add value to your property, as many people are wary of investing in and moving into places which appear to have damp and mould issues.