Advice for Styling your Bathroom


If you’ve been thinking about giving your bathroom a makeover for quite a while now, there are plenty of plumbers merchants North Wales which offer the tools and equipment you need to get the much-needed renovation going. When it comes to planning your perfect bathroom, here’s some advice to ensure that you fall in the love with the final result.

Add Personality

bathroom-1336162_1280This advice should really go without saying, and if you’re already planning on doing just this, then we wholeheartedly support you in your decision. One tip to ensure that you continue to love your bathroom for years to come is to not be afraid to add a bit of colour and personality into your bathrooms design.

With so many homeowners striving for a hotel-perfect bathing space, adding your own personal influence can be a welcome change. Experiment with colour and décor to create a bathroom which is unique to you. Don’t just stick to ‘bathroom friendly’ paint colours or what the fancy interior design magazines tell you!

Be Practical

bathroom-1228427_1280A beautiful bathroom requires a large amount of planning beforehand. You might be tempted to have a huge bath tub or shower installed, but if you’re limited on space, the fantastic bath which fitted just right in the showroom will end up causing your bathroom to look cramped.

Plan out the sizes of every bathroom fitting, as well where they are going to go, and try to imagine the free space that will be left over (minus all your toiletries!). Small bathrooms can look just as luxurious as larger ones with good planning.

Corner cabinets and wall mounted basins are great for creating space within small bathrooms, and using lighter colours on the walls is a great way of giving the sense of open space within a room.

Consider Bigger Windows

bathroom-683088_640This isn’t always an option, but if you’re planning on fully renovating your bathroom, making your windows larger is a great way to keep your bathroom dry and free from mould.

Darker rooms often give the impression of a smaller space, and without an adequate air supply, mould and mildew and quickly build up unless you have a good extractor fan installed.

Hidden Storage

bathroom-728743_640Hidden storage doesn’t just benefit smaller bathrooms. Storage which is tucked away out of plain sight makes a bathroom less cluttered and much more appealing. Look for sinks which have concealed storage underneath them, which are great for hiding all of your toiletry supplies.

Design Advice for Small Bathrooms

When designing your bathroom, you need to consider the existing space and plan around it. Working with a small space doesn’t mean your bathroom can’t look amazing; you just need to do a bit more planning.

RN Williams offer a huge range of bathroom suites and a personalised design service for bathrooms in North Wales. Here are a few things to consider if you are thinking about giving your bathroom a bit of a makeover this year.

  1. Bathtubs & Sinks

BathroomsFreestanding bath tubs look aesthetic, but can take up too much valuable space in smaller bathrooms. For small bathroom spaces, decide whether you prefer a bath or shower – having both options can waste valuable space, and makes a small bathroom feel even more cramped.

Choosing the right sink can also be important, as you want a sink which comfortably fits your height. Opting for a corner sink can also help to add room to small bathrooms.

  1. Preventing Damp

Bathrooms can quickly become damp, especially if there is limited window ventilation in the room. Damp and mildew not only looks unattractive, it can also pose quite serious health issues if it is not dealt with.

If limited window ventilation is a problem that you’re facing – invest in a good quality fan to ensure that excessive moisture is removed effectively.

  1. Hidden Storage

Bathroom StorageIf, like most people, you have too many hair and skin products that you don’t really want displayed – consider having some storage installed. This will keep your bathroom looking uncluttered and more spacious. To maximise space and style, select vanity furniture to hide your abundance of half-used cosmetics.  Some vanity units feature a basin, perfect for small bathrooms that require additional storage.

  1. Create Optical Illusions

Some design choices can give the illusion of a bigger bathroom. Light, neutral wall and floor colours can help make small bathrooms appear more airy and expansive. Installing a large mirror in your bathroom can create the illusion of a bigger space.

DIY timber decking – a ‘How to guide’

decking north wales builders merchant

Decking really is a multipurpose outdoor surface. You can either build your deck as a stand-alone feature to take advantage of the gardens sunniest spot, or extend your internal floor space by attaching a deck to the front, side or back of your house. This arrangement looks fantastic when the deck is linked to the house by a set of French or folding sliding doors.

Timber is an incredibly versatile and beautiful building material that works fantastically as the material to create your decking with. Decking is a multi-purpose outdoor surface that can be built as a standalone unit – or as an add on to your home that acts as a perfect area to enjoy lounging on those warm days.

A decking project requires the use of quite a few materials that are readily available from RN Williams Builders Merchant in North Wales in order to result in a fine quality end product. The amount of material does of course depend on your unique circumstances in respect to size and scale. Ensure that the timber decking that you use is pressure treated for outdoor use or thoroughly soaked in wood preserver before installation.

Here we have put together a basic ‘how to lay timber decking’ guide:

Step 1: Decide where you would like to build the deck and proceed to compress any loose soil with thumper of heavy roller.

Step 2: Lay weed-control fabric over the decking site to endure that there will not be any unwanted greenery poking through your finish decking.

Step 3: Lay concrete slabs at the corner and centre points of the space you want to deck to provide a solid and stable foundation to begin laying the decking on. Keep wooden frames clear of the damp ground and ensure that you check that the slabs are level. Get the level as close to perfect as possible by adding and removing slabs where necessary. You could also use wooden posts that are especially designed for this purpose.

Step 4: Create a simple box frame that will allow the decking to overhang by the thickness of a board at each edge around 32mm but check the thickness of the boards you are using).

Step 5: Lay the joists inside the frame so that they have the correct gap in between them around (400mm)

Step 6: Nail joists in place – recommended to use a nail gun to undertake this part, often available for purchase and hire from builders merchant’s North Wales.

Step 7: Once the main frame is complete, check its level, and if the frame needs lifting by a small amount to make it level, sections of slate or even floor tile can be added where necessary ensuring you get a level deck.

Step 8: Make up or purchase some pointed stakes that fit your frame and screw them into the ground to prevent the structure moving around.

Step 9: Measure, cut and fit noggins staggered along the centre line of the frame that will be able to provide extra strength. You can mitre the points where the decking planks meet with a mitre saw available from sevral builders merchants in North Wales. Lay these in positions and mark them with a pencil before you go ahead and cut at them, with 45 degrees set on the saw.

Step 10: You can now begin laying the decking planks and should proceed to fixing them with two screws at each joist.

Step 11: Once the decking planks are fixed, mitre the outside corners using the method described in step 9 and proceed to sand the rounded edges.

Step 12: Fix a decking plans around each edge where the area underneath may be seen. The face of this plank should fit flush with the edge of the outer panels and create a neat finish.

Step 13: If there is a big drop onto the ground, you can easily add a step by making up a framework wide enough to take two decking planks. You are able to face the vertical part of the step with decking while reducing the width of the frame by the thickness of deck plank that you use. Proceed to level and fix the frame all around the deck.

Step 14: Make up/ purchase stakes and hammer them in place to secure the framework before you finally finish by mitring and laying the decking planks and adding screws to each joist. Screw decking panels to the front face of the step to create a neat finish.

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Why You Need Specialist Commercial Satellite Installation

HotelRunning a hotel means you require specialist solutions in all that you do so provide the best service you can. Even down to your satellite installation in Porthmadog, it’s important to hire an experienced professional for many reasons.

Cable organisation – In a hotel or B&B appearances are everything. Guests want to escape to an environment that looks desirable but cables and bulky domestic aerial systems could leave negative first impression on your property. Commercial aerial and satellite systems are a lot more advanced in terms of their appearance and usability, making them a much more ideal suit when it comes to your commercial property.

Reliable Service – You require a service that is of the highest quality so in the event that a problem occurs, it can be corrected easily. The work that’s carried out by an experienced professional is often guaranteed for a term agreed prior to the contract taking place. With increased experience comes increased speed when it comes to problem solving. A reliable professional will work with industry standard equipment and cabling that has undergone rigorous testing.

Experience – A professional representing a reputable company can offer guarantees in terms of their knowledge and experience having working with similar clients in the past. Upon request, they should be able to provide references showing the kind of service that’s provided and how they rated their service.  Professional service providers can be expected to uphold a certain service level unlike unestablished businesses who many not have a set standard of practice.

Tailored Service – Commercial satellite installers recognise that each business has very different needs and are therefore able to provide a more tailored service. Most providers will be able to offer a free quotation for the service, letting you know exactly what work will need to be carried out.


Creating a Baker’s Kitchen

Kitchen StorageIt’s that time of the year when the bakers come out with the most irresistible and fascinating desserts, bread and pastries. Among baking competitions, charity bakes and ‘The Great British Bake Off’, we just can’t seem to get enough of our favourite pastime. Not only are we going crazy for the retro baking equipment, our modern day kitchens are being transformed into the idealised bakers kitchen, with everything you need to create that perfect bake. Knowing, how desired these kitchens are, kitchen designers Conwy are leading the way in bringing those idealised kitchens to you with plenty of hidden gems to make every serious baker’s dreams come true. Here are some of the elements kitchen fitters Llandudno recommend:

Open shelving– A dedicated baker will always utilise open shelving where possible, creating that real ‘lived in’ feeling. You’ll need easy access to those ingredients you use regularly and trawling through cupboards just won’t do once you’re in the middle of it all. Think about having your cookbooks easily to hand. If you like the idea of shelving but your tall walls are slightly intimidating, you can easily add a built in stepper stool into your lower cupboards for ease.

Appliances – A warming/cooling drawer is just what you need if you love to entertain or having guests stay regularly. Your best baked bread results will come from a dough that is well proved, whether you proffer it hot or cold. Once you’ve baked your delicious delights, a cooling drawer will come in very handy – or perhaps to keep those ingredients that don’t keep as well as you’d hope. When you’re entertaining, store wine bottles for guests to help themselves to whilst you’re in the midst of food prep. A double oven will always be welcomed for those busy days when shelf juggling won’t do the trick.

Storage – Incorporating specialised drawers for easy access and storage for baking trays, pots and pans will be the biggest gift you can give yourself. No one likes having to get on their knees to reach all the way back into a gloomy cupboard and rearranging every pot and pan in sight. Bulk storage drawers are a great alternative, helping you search and store utensils easily. Rotating cupboard shelves are also very convenient.
If you don’t have a pantry, drawers will work just as well for your ingredients. Spice drawers are becoming ever more popular as well as stainless steel airtight ingredient bins for a professional finish.

Technology area – This is certainly one for those of you who love to follow cooking shows and online tutorials. Create a space you can set up a tablet or incorporate a small television. USB ports will do nicely here, particularly if your kitchen is your most well used space in the house.

Added furniture – It’s good to think about the additional furniture you might want to add to your kitchen and not totally occupying it with built in pieces. A traditional baker’s kitchen will have a good mix of both new and old. A pastry table for example, is traditionally lower than your other surfaces, using a cool, solid stone. Roller shelving adds a nice touch, for adding a handy space that can be moved around the kitchen.

The Must Have Kitchen Appliances of 2016

Kitchen SinkIf you’re thinking of upgrading your kitchen, then it certainly pays to do the research first. You’ll have a good idea about what you want – knowing exactly how you like to use your kitchen, whether it’s for entertaining, relaxing, or purely for getting your chef hat on. Of course in the last decade since you last might of had your current kitchen fitted, appliances have come on leaps and bounds. With busy days, and short evenings you need something that’s going to make your food prep and daily tasks so much simpler. Take a look at our top rated appliances which can be fitted by your kitchen designer in Anglesey.

Quooker Tap – This kitchen revolution is a wonder for saving time waiting for large pans and bulky kettles to reach boiling point. The Quooker tap immediately dispenses boiling water as and when you need it – giving instant coffee a new name. It’s more economical than you think, costing only 3 pence per day to be left on standby usage. Very versatile, the same tap can be used for cold, hot or boiling water. Peeling tomatoes will be a treat using this!

Electrolux Dishwasher – The super energy efficient A++ ranges from Electrolux are designed to blend in with your kitchen and deliver fantastic cleaning performance. Their smart AutoFlex programme adapts to the load size and level cleaning requires to offer a thorough clean whilst taking care of your delicate wine glasses. The satellite spray arm with five spray levels will reach every nook of your dish load.

Samsung Washing Machine – The Samsung WW9000 delivers a smarter way to wash your clothes with an intelligent system that offers optimum washing conditions. The front touch screen allows you to find the right program easily, also with a one touch auto button for when you need to rush away. It comes with a handy app that shows you how your wash is doing whilst you’re away from home. The 10k load sensing capacity drum lets you wash up to 50 shirts per wash and the self-dosing detergent system knows exactly how much should be added depending on the weight of your load, saving you more money.

Samsung Fridge Freezer – The best value fridge freezer under £350 is the Hitachi R-B360ERU43. This sleek fridge freezer with A* energy rating and LCD touch controls is a market steal. With a height of 2m, it offers plenty of room for to store your food and its insulation makes it stay cool, should there be a power cut. Overall, great value for money.

AEG Ovens – The A* range of sleek looking ovens from AEG fit in well with any kitchen. The multifunction options offer precise heat circulation, temperature control and a self-cleaning mode to boot. Even under demand they stay cool to the touch with their IsoFront door.


Learn More About Magnetic Plaster From British Gypsum

magnetic plasterOrdering Your Magnetic Plaster

Richard Williams Builder’s Merchants are proud to be stocking the extraordinary Thistle Magnetic Plaster from British Gypsum. It is now available to order from both their branches in Llandudno Junction and Ruthin, so simply pop in and chat to one of their friendly staff or contact them on 01492 583423 for Llandudno Junction and 01824 702475 for Ruthin and they can order it in for you.

What Is Magnetic Plaster?

For those of you who have not yet encountered the wonders of Magnetic Plaster you are probably wondering exactly what it is and what makes it so special. Magnetic Plaster is an innovative product from the renowned British Gypsum to help make homes and commercial spaces more interactive. It is essentially a finish coat plaster that contains certain properties which allow it to attract magnets.

The possibilities for application are endless but the most popular use for magnetic plaster since its launch is to design interactive areas in living spaces.

The Thistle Magnetic Plaster provides a smooth, inert and high quality surface which attracts magnets. The surface can be an internal wall or even a ceiling if it takes your fancy. It is a perfect base for adding creative decorative finishes. The product is a retarded hemihydrate, pre-mixed gypsum plaster. All you need to do for its preparation is add water, it is very easy to use.


Magnetic Plaster has become highly popular in schools to create interactive learning environments and in many other learning centres such as zoos or anywhere with an educational display. It is also making its way into office spaces for development planning meeting and demonstrations.

In the home the addition of a magnetic wall makes a great play time for the kids, it can also improve your creativity and increase planning room in your home office or study area. You can even just use a Magnetic Wall to create a stunning beautiful space in your home that can be easily changed to express the artist in you.


Thistle Magnetic Plaster coverage is 5.1m2 for 3mm coverage and is sold by the bag. It is recommended by the manufacturer that you aim to get the plaster on between 3mm and 6mm thick. It is important to be aware that any thickness less than that will result in a less effective product. If you make it much thicker it will not be more magnetic just a waste of material. 3 – 5mm is optimal.

Is it Easy To Apply?

You will find Magnetic Plaster is easy to order and use. Simply buy by the bag, add water for prep and it goes on just like any standard plaster. (8.5 per bag approx, please always read the instructions on your bag before beginning)

The Magnetic Plaster is easy to customise and you can paint it any colour you like. When it first goes on it will be a very dark striking black but when dry it fades to a dark grey which is very easy to cover with paint and this won’t affect its magnetic quality. It is important to let it dry fully so it becomes hard and durable. Try not to touch it while frying as it will not yet be hard and is easily marked. You can also choose to put wallpaper over Magnetic Plaster but this will lessen the effect of its magnetic properties.

It is as easy to cover as Multi finish and as hard as Multi finish when dry.
Keep in mind that the product should not be worked to a polished finish.

Essential Information

  • Conforms to EN13279-1
  • A minimum thickness of 3mm is required to enable magnetic attraction
  • The product does not interfere with wi-fi or electrical items
  • The magnetic attraction of a wall coated with Thistle Magnetic Plaster is determined by the thickness of the material applied and the strength of the magnets used
  • This product is certified to BES 6001 achieving a rating of ‘Excellent’
  • Very occasionally some small red spots may appear on the surface once the Thistle
  • Magnetic Plaster is dry. These will have no adverse effect on the decoration and will be covered by normal paint application.

Fun Ideas For Your New Magnetic Wall

  • Hang pictures and picture frames
  • Magnetic Christmas decorations
  • Hang a Clock
  • Add a dart board
  • Posters

British Gypsum

British Gypsum is the UK’s leading manufacturer of interior lining systems. With a very long history of experience in the world of plaster they have made it their mission to develop incredible, smart products that improve everyday life from their Magnetic Plaster to their sound proofing and lifestyle walls.

The British Gypsum research, development and test facilities are among the best in Europe and this is why Richard Williams are so pleased to stock the most creative projects from this top manufacturer.

Why Create Magnetic Plaster?

You will never have to use Blu-tack or drawing pins again, which is fantastic as we all know these can leave a mark and ruin the look of your walls in time.

Why Not Just Buy Magnetic Paint?

Magnetic paint is not nearly as strong or magnetic as Magnetic Plaster and it is only available in a small number of colours.

Click here to head to Richard Williams and find out more about the applications for Magnetic Plaster or see the product in action on their Youtube Channel.

How to Work With a Small Kitchen

plinth drawers

If you have a small kitchen it can be become difficult to pick a design that suits your space. It would be great to have a luxurious kitchen with marble surfaces, a large island and all these integrated appliances installed too. However, that’s not possible for the vast majority of us, without having to knock into the next room or even upgrade to bigger property.

There are a number of quality showrooms for kitchens in North Wales, the North West and the UK that provide inspiration on how to work with small spaces or awkward layouts such as diagonal walls, to help us get the kitchen we want. One thing you will always notice when visiting these showrooms, flicking through magazines or browsing various websites, is how organised they are.

The key is to not increase your counter space, but to organise the storage space that currently exists. Incorporating more cupboards and then counter space will create more storage space, that’s an obvious observation, but this means you will have less space to stand and have social gatherings.

From a design perspective, you can store things differently to how you normally would. Having lots of mugs standing on one shelf can take up space and some of us opt for a mug stand that holds approximately six. The only issue with the cup stands is the counter space it takes up that could be used for other useful utilities. A suggestion would be to have a number of steel hooks above the kettle which you can hand the mugs from, in a row.

If you are a cooking enthusiast, then it’s no doubt that you have an endless supply of spice jars. One handy suggestion is to screw the lids of these jars underneath a shelf and you can then unscrew and screw the jars back on when you need them. With all the colourful spices available from cumin to paprika, this will also add a bit of vibrancy to your kitchen.

Another ‘do it yourself’ task is one for all the boxes of foil, baking paper and cling film we all have laying in draws that are taking up valuable space. Simply get a magazine holder and attach this to the inside of a cupboard door. These are typically big enough to hold around 4 boxes and keeps them hidden away too for a tidier space.

There are so many different ways we can create more space in our kitchen, without even redesigning our property or spending hundreds to thousands of pounds.

All About Roofs and Roof Trusses

All About Roofs!!

Roofs are one of the most important constructions know to human beings. They protect us (and our possessions) from wind, rain, snow and hail, and keep heat in our houses when it’s cold outside. They have been used and built for millennia by humans (and indeed some animals) all over the world.



A roof is a structure found on the upper of buildings. Its shape can vary, from a steep V shaped gable, to flat, to semi-spherical to abstract. The most common roofs found worldwide, however, are gabled, as they are the cheapest to build and most effective at repelling rain.

Roofs often have three layers: the innermost layer is the frame, commonly constructed from wood or metal. This provides support for the surface of the roof. Next is an insulation layer, commonly of waterproof material, to act as a seal between the inner and outer layers of a roof (although some older building may not have this layer). Finally, the outer layer is the layer to which the elements are exposed, common materials for this include slate, tiles, sheet metal (commonly lead, corrugated iron or copper) or, in older buildings, thatch.

Styles of roof.

Roofs can be found worldwide in many different styles, some of which are listed here.

Gabled Roofs: The classic upside-down V shaped roof, found on many buildings worldwide. In more complicated forms, gabled roofs can have more gables protruding out of the main gable, commonly with a window on them. The Dutch gable is also a famous piece of architecture, where a protruding gable has an ornate shape around it. A crow-stepped gable featues the “stairs” up the side of each gable found commonly in northern Europe. Gabled roofs are cheap and easy to build, structurally reliable, and are great for shedding rain and weather. Gabled roofs also use the simplest roof trusses

Outshot and Lean-to Roofs: A lean to roof is the roof of an “extension” style roof sloping down from the main building on to a protruding sub room. If the roof slopes directly from the roof of a main building onto the lean-to roof, it can be described as having a “catslide”.

Hip Roofs: Hip roofs are commonly found on bungalows or other small structure, and are extremely common in America as part of the classic “4-square” style.. They are similar to simple gabled roofs except that the two would-be vertical sides of the building are tilted inwards. On square buildings, they are tilted inwards so far that the roofs represents a four-sided pyramid, sometimes referred to as a pyramidal roof. Hip roofs have great advantage over gabled roofs as they require much less bracing against the wind, they are in fact self bracing. The fact that they are far more streamlined only enhances this effect. A downside of a hip roof is the restricted attic space.

Mansard Roofs: Of French origin, a Mansard roof has two gradients on it: an initial shallow gradient, and then an immediate change to a steeper gradient towards the end of the roof. However, a Mansard roof may sometimes have a flat top as the first gradient, then a steep gradient around the edges, resulting in an upside-down tray shape to the roof. The mansard style was popularised in franch in the 1600s, and then gained extreme popularity in America, with many iconic houses and buildings boasting a mansard roof. Also, is you plan travelling back in time, any windows you install in your mansard roof will infact be excemt of window tax.

Gambrel Roofs: As a gabled roof, but with the two longest sides in a mansard style.

Flat Roofs: The distinctive flat roofs found in warmer, dryer areas of the world, where the need to shed rain is at a minimum. Classic flat roofed cities include Jerusalem. Flat roofed homes can, however, become extremely hot in sunny weather, some methods to induce cooling of the house include covering with thin sheets of asbestos, and pouring water over the roof. Special sun-reflective paints are also available, roofs coated with such are known as ‘cool roofs’.

Roof Truss Design

The shape of the roof is most houses all depends on the shape and style of the Roof Truss Design. A roof truss provides support and stability to the roof and evenly distributes the weight of the roof away from the exterior walls.

A Roof Truss is generally made of wood for residential use and steel in commercial use. They are generally triangular in shape because this provides the best stability and support. There is no other shape that can withstand the same amount of tension or compression load.

If you are building your home from scratch and are in the process of deciding what style of roof to have, you should take careful consideration in your decision. A Roof Truss should definitely not be chosen on looks alone as there are more important factors that need to be considered such as; the stresses that the building may encounter, the size of the open plan and weather conditions.

The majority of home builders order roof trusses from Roof Truss Manufacturers because is very labour intensive, so it is generally a lot cheaper and more time consuming to order prefabricated roof trusses. Sometimes the roof truss may have to be built on site if delivery is a problem or the design is a specific type or size that is not readily available.

Creating a Roof Truss Design

The start of a Roof Truss Design starts with a sketch which in normally done by an architect. The sketch of the ceiling is drafted first then the roof truss is drawn in showing how the truss will support the walls and roof of the structure that is to be supported.

Feature Roof Trusses

Feature trusses also referred to as Oak Trusses or Bolted Trusses can add a beautiful feature to any room. They are generally hand crafted and add an outstanding centrepiece to new or existing homes. They are extremely aesthetically pleasing and can create open and spacious feeling to any room and they can be designed to suit architectural character of the property.

Building and maintaining a house

Looking after and caring for your home

Living in a house is one thing that many people have in common. Although there are many different styles of houses available, such as terraced, semi-detached, detached and apartments it has to be said that most people given the option would like to have a nice house to live in. A house, which becomes a home is a place to relax, unwind, sleep, eat and socialise. It is a place of security and familiarity. A place to share, enjoy, cook, and clean, the list goes on and on. My point being if you are going to be doing all these things inside a house then you want it to be nice.

Most people move into a house that has already been built. This is the easiest and most stress free way of moving. I am not saying that purchasing a house is stress free, in fact far from it. A house in fact will probably be one of your biggest life time purchases and probably one of the most stressful purchases. But once everything is signed, sealed and delivered that is when the celebrations of owning your own house can begin.iStock_000003104829XSmall

Building a house is not an easy task and definitely a project that should be left to the professionals. If you do decide to have your home built from scratch then it is advisable to employ a reputable builder. Always get references and make sure you have a look at some of their previous work. If you require a builder for North Wales construction projects then follow the link where you will find a dedicated and well experienced builder who covers North Wales and the North West.

Older houses tend to have lots of character and detail compared to newer build houses. To add that extra bit of style to your home, the finishes touches could include some lovely architectural masonry such as stylish balustrades and

Architectural Masonry

Older houses tend to have lots of character and detail compared to newer build houses. To add that extra bit of style to your home, the finishes touches could include some lovely architectural masonry such as stylish balustrades and pillars.

Architectural Balustrades and pillars around the edge of a garden will give the garden a sophisticated, unique and elegant finish.

The Design of the House

If you wish to have a house built from scratch you will need to employ an architect to manage the planning and design. An architect will also need to oversee the project from start to finish. You will need to be able to communicate well with your architect and be able to get your vision of how you foresee your dream home looking upon completion.


An architect will offer a variety of services that include pre-design, planning, providing detailed drawings, designs and specifications. Architects will communication with others working on the project such as the engineers and technical designers.

An architect will need to provide feasibility reports, building audits and will most important need to develop what the client wants in the building.

Before employing an architect to oversee your project it is advisable to meet with them to make sure you can communicate with them on a professional level, it is also a good idea to have a look at some of their previous work so that you can see for yourself the quality of their projects.

There are many architects available in the UK but it is probably best to make sure that you choose a company that is registered with the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). Matthew Jones Architects is a well-established North Wales architect firm that provides top quality service in and around North Wales and the North West.

The Roof of a House

The actual Roof of the house is one of the most important parts of the house along with the foundations, walls and ceilings. Without the roof the house will no doubt will be ruined in no time. The Roof of the house is normally constructed using by a roof truss.

Roof trusses are a timber construction made up of triangular units joined by straight members, the ends are connected by joints also referred to as nodes. Roof trusses are extremely strong, and are less expensive than other roof construction alternatives like a thatch roof for example. Roof trusses are quite quick to assemble and can span a large distance and they transmit all the weight to the external walls so that none of the internal walls are load bearing.

The Garden

Although probably not the first thing that gets done when moving into a house but the Garden is a very important area of the home that needs to be maintained and looked after. It is what people see straight away when they arrive at your house, so it is nice to keep it looking neat and tidy.


For those that don’t like gardening there is no need to have a large garden full of grass and flowers. You can opt to have your garden paved for ease of maintenance. Paved gardens are very popular with the elderly and also non gardeners. You can dress the garden up with architectural balustrades and pillars to add that finishing touch, and add a few flower pots with just a few plants to add a bit of colour if you so wish.

Decorating the Garden

To make your garden more welcoming and comfortable, it is idea to add some wooden garden furniture. There are some great ranges of garden furniture available to make your garden complete, and they come in a range of different timbers such as oak, pine and teak. Some of these timbers are more durable than others, so it is matter of cost and personal preference as to which type of timber would best suit your garden. You can even dress your garden furniture up quality cushions and parasols to add that finishing touch.

The Kitchen

The Kitchen is one of the most popular rooms inside the house, so more the reason to make sure that it has that beautiful finish to really make it stand out.

When you are hosting a dinner party, or a social gathering a lot of time is spent in the kitchen either cooking or socializing especially if your home is open plan, so why not add a dazzling finish to a kitchen by investing in a granite worktop.


A top quality granite worktop can really make your kitchen gleam. Not only is a granite worktop durable and sustainable but it is also really easy to keep clean and hygienic as it is easily sterilized.

Granite worktops have been used for hundreds of years, however previously they were only seen in glorious buildings and stately homes, however now that granite is more affordable it is being used more and more in peoples homes, bathrooms and kitchens.