Blue Bay Homes Apartments in North Wales available on Help to Buy

Blue Bay Homes have been working hard on the development of ‘The View’ – a glorious development situated at the top of Colwyn Bay and Old Colwyn, overlooking the glistening North Wales coastline.

Whilst these properties are absolutely glorious and offer supreme luxurious features and characteristics, they’re actually available for acquisition through the Welsh Governments help to buy scheme. This is the scheme that helps those who don’t have the deposit, but recurring income get on the property ladder!

The View is a special development that has turned many heads. The development can be seen from far and wide, due to its prominent position upon the Cliffside overlooking the towns of Colwyn Bay, Rhos-on-Sea and surrounding areas.

The scheme helps prospective homebuyers with shared equity loans for up to 20% of the purchase price of a selected property.

Blue Bay Homes only build special developments, choosing very select and desirable locations in order to supply something extremely special to new property owners. The View is one of the best yet, both inside and out. The apartments and townhouses on the development are complete with quality fittings and fixtures – and all buyers are invited to put their own personal stamp on their new home by choosing from a selection of tiles for the kitchen and en-suites.

Perhaps one of the most amazing features of these properties is that they are totally available through the help to buy incentive. You no longer need to feel that acquiring a property here is a dream, moreover that it is very possible to own one of these gorgeous properties, thanks to the involvement with the Welsh Governments help to buy scheme.

There is a lot of interest surrounding the development and the townhouses have sold out already. To avoid disappointment with the apartments Colwyn Bay, contact Blue Bay Homes and find out if you could be the owner of a nice, new sea-view apartment.


How to Create the Perfect Family Kitchen

Kitchen designers bangorYour kitchen is about so much more that a place to cook, eat and do your laundry. It’s a place where you’ll spend quality time with your family and unwind after a long day. Some would say that your kitchen is the hub of the home; a place where you socialise, enjoy good food, and spend your time doing the most active part of running a home. And it’s with this, that you might want to consider making your home the most family friendly to give you the time, convenience and right environment to enjoy with the people that mean the most to you. We’ve got 5 things you need to do to create the perfect family straight from your local kitchen designers bangor.

Create a Comfortable Environment – It’s a place that you want your family to enjoy spending time in, so it needs to be warm, comfortable and ideally suited to your family’s needs. Have you thought about the kind of seating you’d like to use and how the space will be divided into cooking, cleaning and seating? Lighting can be a big player in the warmth of your room and create an inviting space.

Energy Saving Appliances – It’s certainly no secret that running a family home isn’t always easy on the wallet. Food and electricity soon mount up and it makes perfect sense to conserve and preserve in this instance. Most modern day appliances are energy saving but some are better others, so be sure to look into their energy ratings before you purchase. Some fridges and freezers are even building a reputation for keeping your food fresher for longer which is always of benefit to your growing family, who need their greens!

Time-Saving Appliances – A dishwasher and washer-dryer are a saviour when it comes to doing those time-consuming household chores. Choose your appliances with fast wash settings as these are going to come in very handy. Another handy option is the Quooker tap which dispenses boiling water immediately – no waiting for the kettle to boil, just hot water instantly, straight into your mug or saucepan.

Space saving – A big family and clutter usually go hand in hand. That’s why a space saving kitchen is one of the best decisions you can make in creating the appearance of extra space and a tidier looking kitchen. Plinth drawers are a great way to make good use of your space, right the way down to your flooring. These handy drawers let you store away the items you might not use so often but want to hold onto such as special occasion.

Getting Your Kitchen Ready For the Holiday Season

pexels-photo-196648When it comes to Christmas, most will go the whole hog when it comes to decorating the living room but when it comes to the kitchen; now here’s where the real challenge comes. Not only will adding a bit of Christmas magic, help to create a sense of continuity throughout your home but it will make your kitchen a special place to spend your evenings and spend time with your family in the run up to Christmas. Kitchens Anglesey use some tricks that keep the Christmas theme abundant in every area of the room.

Christmas candle display – This one is a super easy way to make your kitchen more Christmassy in seconds. It’s time to pull out the candlesticks because if there’s one time of the year they’re appropriate, it’s now. Create a small display if you like in the centre of a table by filling a vase or glass bowl with some left over baubles to continue the theme from your living room.

Pinecones, mistletoe & holly –Bring the outdoors in and arrange some pinecones and dried holly around your candlesticks and cabinet displays. If you really want to put a modern twist in it, you can spray paint your pine cones to suit you kitchens colour palette. If you’re already in love with the decorations you have, you can make a bit more of a festive feel by adding some red, gold or silver coloured ribbon around your candles, plants and lampshades.

Fairy lights – Now the nights are drawing in earlier, you may be looking for more light for the kitchen. Fairy lights will help set the ambiance of your room, being bright enough to light up and draw attention to an area of your kitchen without being harsh on your eyes. Place some battery powered fairy lights in some old large jars and dot them around your kitchen to add magical spots of lights.

Christmas Wreath – Add a Christmas wreath to the centre of your kitchen window or on your kitchen door to add a truly festive theme in an instant. To make your own, it’s simple. Tape each end of a pipe insulator together (or swimming noodle if that’s more accessible) and start gluing large baubles to it using a glue gun. Once the majority is covered, glue smaller baubles in the open spots so you can’t see any more foam. You’ll have a colourful and very professionally finished wreath that matches your theme in no time at all.

Design Advice for Small Bathrooms

When designing your bathroom, you need to consider the existing space and plan around it. Working with a small space doesn’t mean your bathroom can’t look amazing; you just need to do a bit more planning.

RN Williams offer a huge range of bathroom suites and a personalised design service for bathrooms in North Wales. Here are a few things to consider if you are thinking about giving your bathroom a bit of a makeover this year.

  1. Bathtubs & Sinks

BathroomsFreestanding bath tubs look aesthetic, but can take up too much valuable space in smaller bathrooms. For small bathroom spaces, decide whether you prefer a bath or shower – having both options can waste valuable space, and makes a small bathroom feel even more cramped.

Choosing the right sink can also be important, as you want a sink which comfortably fits your height. Opting for a corner sink can also help to add room to small bathrooms.

  1. Preventing Damp

Bathrooms can quickly become damp, especially if there is limited window ventilation in the room. Damp and mildew not only looks unattractive, it can also pose quite serious health issues if it is not dealt with.

If limited window ventilation is a problem that you’re facing – invest in a good quality fan to ensure that excessive moisture is removed effectively.

  1. Hidden Storage

Bathroom StorageIf, like most people, you have too many hair and skin products that you don’t really want displayed – consider having some storage installed. This will keep your bathroom looking uncluttered and more spacious. To maximise space and style, select vanity furniture to hide your abundance of half-used cosmetics.  Some vanity units feature a basin, perfect for small bathrooms that require additional storage.

  1. Create Optical Illusions

Some design choices can give the illusion of a bigger bathroom. Light, neutral wall and floor colours can help make small bathrooms appear more airy and expansive. Installing a large mirror in your bathroom can create the illusion of a bigger space.

The Must Have Kitchen Appliances of 2016

Kitchen SinkIf you’re thinking of upgrading your kitchen, then it certainly pays to do the research first. You’ll have a good idea about what you want – knowing exactly how you like to use your kitchen, whether it’s for entertaining, relaxing, or purely for getting your chef hat on. Of course in the last decade since you last might of had your current kitchen fitted, appliances have come on leaps and bounds. With busy days, and short evenings you need something that’s going to make your food prep and daily tasks so much simpler. Take a look at our top rated appliances which can be fitted by your kitchen designer in Anglesey.

Quooker Tap – This kitchen revolution is a wonder for saving time waiting for large pans and bulky kettles to reach boiling point. The Quooker tap immediately dispenses boiling water as and when you need it – giving instant coffee a new name. It’s more economical than you think, costing only 3 pence per day to be left on standby usage. Very versatile, the same tap can be used for cold, hot or boiling water. Peeling tomatoes will be a treat using this!

Electrolux Dishwasher – The super energy efficient A++ ranges from Electrolux are designed to blend in with your kitchen and deliver fantastic cleaning performance. Their smart AutoFlex programme adapts to the load size and level cleaning requires to offer a thorough clean whilst taking care of your delicate wine glasses. The satellite spray arm with five spray levels will reach every nook of your dish load.

Samsung Washing Machine – The Samsung WW9000 delivers a smarter way to wash your clothes with an intelligent system that offers optimum washing conditions. The front touch screen allows you to find the right program easily, also with a one touch auto button for when you need to rush away. It comes with a handy app that shows you how your wash is doing whilst you’re away from home. The 10k load sensing capacity drum lets you wash up to 50 shirts per wash and the self-dosing detergent system knows exactly how much should be added depending on the weight of your load, saving you more money.

Samsung Fridge Freezer – The best value fridge freezer under £350 is the Hitachi R-B360ERU43. This sleek fridge freezer with A* energy rating and LCD touch controls is a market steal. With a height of 2m, it offers plenty of room for to store your food and its insulation makes it stay cool, should there be a power cut. Overall, great value for money.

AEG Ovens – The A* range of sleek looking ovens from AEG fit in well with any kitchen. The multifunction options offer precise heat circulation, temperature control and a self-cleaning mode to boot. Even under demand they stay cool to the touch with their IsoFront door.


Small kitchen design and layout improvements that make a big difference!

kitchen fitters llandudnoMaking a real difference to your kitchen area can be a real head ache sometimes. When you don’t have bags of time, money and space, you may feel like the odds are stacked in your favour to make any meaningful change to your kitchen.

Thanks to expert advice from kitchen design specialists that have spent their lives improving kitchens, you can find out some fast and easy ways to improve your cooking space.

A kitchen should be considered the heart of your home. Whether you live with family, friends, a partner or alone, the proud ownership of a kitchen should be felt, enjoyed and utilised. It is the place you create tasty food, discuss your day’s events and quite often the houses main reception. Creating a warm, inviting, stylish and practical kitchen will not only earn you bags of compliments, but also allow you to feel content whilst rustling up some nice food.

Improve efficiency in kitchen processes

The kitchen is the space in the house where you are most creative and active. Make a point to group appliances, cupboard contents and dining equipment in a logical order and in an area that eliminates muddle around the kitchen when undertaking actions. Whether that’s cooking, finding bowls or simple covering some left over food, try and think carefully about where things should be for maximum convenience.

Use light colours in a small space

The most marketable colour is undoubtedly white. It is a colour that can never be challenged and is constantly ranked in the top Kitchen and Bath Associations annual survey as one of the most used. White is associated with purity, peace, happiness and new beginnings – all of which have good connotations. White is a very open colour and when combined with the light within the room can create a much more airy and bigger feeling than that of its real size. An extra advantage is that you’ll spot any dirt marks a mile off, so you’ll be able to act quickly and ensure a nice, clean and sparkling kitchen.

Give your kitchen an edge with a well worked focal point

A focal point can come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a splashy tile, special fancy flooring, unique kitchen cabinets, busy counter top or a specially designed interesting wall, there are a number of choices. Pick one, otherwise it can get a much, and then work on designing your kitchen in a way that compliments it with other smaller and quieter eye catching details.

Greentree kitchen fitters Llandudno are a firm that can not only advise but also deliver exactly what you want in regards to your kitchen. From modern style kitchens to traditional, with bags of ideas and options, Greentree kitchens Llandudno can ensure you have a wonderful looking and practical use kitchen.


LED Strip Lights For Commercial Use

RGB_newCommercial Lighting has to be of the highest quality and good value for money. Commercial lighting applications, such as wide scale office lighting, large architectural projects, big retail displays and other commercial ventures mean you are purchasing a large amount of lighting products, so it is a big decision and you must get it right.

LED Strip Lights and other LED products of the highest standard are now becoming the popular choice in lighting, particularly for commercial lighting. This kind of lighting has proved itself to be developing at a fantastic rate. In the past people would not have chosen LED lighting, despite its high quality results, due to cost but now that technology has moved on, the cost of LEDs is coming down and there is a great deal of money to be saved on energy.

LED lights have a longer lifespan than bulbs and use less energy, which means businesses can save a lot of money over the long term on their electricity bills. The reason they use less electricity is because light is the main element produced from an LED light. This may seem obvious but interestingly normal bulbs do not have light as their primary product. As electrons move through their filament it produces friction and therefore heat and light is merely a by-product.

Another reason LEDs are proving the best choice for commercial lighting applications is because many products such as LED strip lights do not need a lighting fixture. You can simply have the light itself visible, this offers a great deal of flexibility.

LED Illuminations are a UK based LED Lighting distributor who mainly deal with big trade and large commercial applications. They distribute their products all over the world and offer much more than just the products.

For intricate projects LED Illuminations can use their years of expert knowledge to provide full scale lighting solutions and guide you on the best product or mix of products for your needs.

Some of their best products for commercial applications include:

Many varieties of LED Strip Lights, including waterproof, rigid strip, flexible strip and more.

LED flexible tiles. They even stock the world’s thinnest and most flexible tile. This offers a wonderful back lighting solution with high efficiency and uniformity.

Pro LED Track Lights are ideal for making products in displays stand out.

LED Fire Rated Down Light. A 90 minute fire rated LED down light, which is ideal for commercial or industrial applications. Options of mains dimming via leading or trailing edge, with integral dimmable driver and emergency maintained.

5630 LED Ribbon Strip. This product supplied by LED Illuminations offers the brightest lumen output on the market!

Pro LED Dimmable Downlight and the Pro LED Dimmable Gimbal. Both are perfect for retail and exhibition commercial lighting.

LED Illuminations have even more great commercial lighting products in stock. Enquire now for a complete LED Lighting Solution.

5 Space-Saving Ideas for Your Kitchen

Nova Lima Kicthen

If you have a small kitchen you know the struggle of storage space and how important it is to make use of the space you already have. There are many ways you can save space and add additional storage without feeling like your cooking space is getting crowded.

You may find that a showroom featuring kitchens in North Wales and the UK present innovative storage ideas, but storage is still an issue if your kitchen is half the size. Below we have listed five space-saving ideas for your little space, to ensure you get the most out of your kitchen.

First up is a single-bowl sink. These are not the modern-style sinks you get in kitchens these days, but they can save you a foot or more of counter space. There are various styles you can get of these sinks, which means there is one out there to suit your kitchen.

Another way to save space is to eliminate the unnecessary elements in the kitchen that are preventing you from having space, such as removing the door. Replacing the door with a nice, clean archway will open up the space. You will get more light, space and there will be no worries about someone trying to open the door with no space to enter.

Wall-mounted storage is another option, and enables you to utilise the space you already have. You can buy simple rails to place onto a panel which can hold saucepans, herbs, tea towels, utensils and much more. You can get various fixtures for your kitchen, which means the possibilities are endless.

Another storage idea is a design that has been well used over the last couple years and that is pull-out storage. The width of these pull-out storage containers is not much and usually sits beside your fridge or in-between cupboards. These are wide enough to store tins, jars, spices, small boxes and other items we tend to store in our cupboards.

Lastly we have floor-to-ceiling cupboards. Many kitchens have cupboards under counters, with smaller cupboards that sit on the wall at head-height. Although this is a typical design in our kitchen space, we can make do with more. Utilise all the space you have in your kitchen by installing a cupboard that reaches from the floor straight to the ceiling. You are guaranteed an extra-large shelf or two smaller shelfing areas to store more items.

Learn More About Magnetic Plaster From British Gypsum

magnetic plasterOrdering Your Magnetic Plaster

Richard Williams Builder’s Merchants are proud to be stocking the extraordinary Thistle Magnetic Plaster from British Gypsum. It is now available to order from both their branches in Llandudno Junction and Ruthin, so simply pop in and chat to one of their friendly staff or contact them on 01492 583423 for Llandudno Junction and 01824 702475 for Ruthin and they can order it in for you.

What Is Magnetic Plaster?

For those of you who have not yet encountered the wonders of Magnetic Plaster you are probably wondering exactly what it is and what makes it so special. Magnetic Plaster is an innovative product from the renowned British Gypsum to help make homes and commercial spaces more interactive. It is essentially a finish coat plaster that contains certain properties which allow it to attract magnets.

The possibilities for application are endless but the most popular use for magnetic plaster since its launch is to design interactive areas in living spaces.

The Thistle Magnetic Plaster provides a smooth, inert and high quality surface which attracts magnets. The surface can be an internal wall or even a ceiling if it takes your fancy. It is a perfect base for adding creative decorative finishes. The product is a retarded hemihydrate, pre-mixed gypsum plaster. All you need to do for its preparation is add water, it is very easy to use.


Magnetic Plaster has become highly popular in schools to create interactive learning environments and in many other learning centres such as zoos or anywhere with an educational display. It is also making its way into office spaces for development planning meeting and demonstrations.

In the home the addition of a magnetic wall makes a great play time for the kids, it can also improve your creativity and increase planning room in your home office or study area. You can even just use a Magnetic Wall to create a stunning beautiful space in your home that can be easily changed to express the artist in you.


Thistle Magnetic Plaster coverage is 5.1m2 for 3mm coverage and is sold by the bag. It is recommended by the manufacturer that you aim to get the plaster on between 3mm and 6mm thick. It is important to be aware that any thickness less than that will result in a less effective product. If you make it much thicker it will not be more magnetic just a waste of material. 3 – 5mm is optimal.

Is it Easy To Apply?

You will find Magnetic Plaster is easy to order and use. Simply buy by the bag, add water for prep and it goes on just like any standard plaster. (8.5 per bag approx, please always read the instructions on your bag before beginning)

The Magnetic Plaster is easy to customise and you can paint it any colour you like. When it first goes on it will be a very dark striking black but when dry it fades to a dark grey which is very easy to cover with paint and this won’t affect its magnetic quality. It is important to let it dry fully so it becomes hard and durable. Try not to touch it while frying as it will not yet be hard and is easily marked. You can also choose to put wallpaper over Magnetic Plaster but this will lessen the effect of its magnetic properties.

It is as easy to cover as Multi finish and as hard as Multi finish when dry.
Keep in mind that the product should not be worked to a polished finish.

Essential Information

  • Conforms to EN13279-1
  • A minimum thickness of 3mm is required to enable magnetic attraction
  • The product does not interfere with wi-fi or electrical items
  • The magnetic attraction of a wall coated with Thistle Magnetic Plaster is determined by the thickness of the material applied and the strength of the magnets used
  • This product is certified to BES 6001 achieving a rating of ‘Excellent’
  • Very occasionally some small red spots may appear on the surface once the Thistle
  • Magnetic Plaster is dry. These will have no adverse effect on the decoration and will be covered by normal paint application.

Fun Ideas For Your New Magnetic Wall

  • Hang pictures and picture frames
  • Magnetic Christmas decorations
  • Hang a Clock
  • Add a dart board
  • Posters

British Gypsum

British Gypsum is the UK’s leading manufacturer of interior lining systems. With a very long history of experience in the world of plaster they have made it their mission to develop incredible, smart products that improve everyday life from their Magnetic Plaster to their sound proofing and lifestyle walls.

The British Gypsum research, development and test facilities are among the best in Europe and this is why Richard Williams are so pleased to stock the most creative projects from this top manufacturer.

Why Create Magnetic Plaster?

You will never have to use Blu-tack or drawing pins again, which is fantastic as we all know these can leave a mark and ruin the look of your walls in time.

Why Not Just Buy Magnetic Paint?

Magnetic paint is not nearly as strong or magnetic as Magnetic Plaster and it is only available in a small number of colours.

Click here to head to Richard Williams and find out more about the applications for Magnetic Plaster or see the product in action on their Youtube Channel.

5 Ideas for Stylish Backsplashes for Your Kitchen

Kitchen Backsplash

The sheer thought of redesigning our kitchen can make our imagination run wild, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be adventurous with colours, textures and everything else.

There are a few elements within the kitchen however that we often keep basic, purely because their function isn’t entirely that exciting; for example, backsplashes. It isn’t absolutely necessary to have one, but it sure does make cleaning the kitchen easier, but these can be rather dull.

There are a number of showrooms featuring kitchens in North Wales and throughout the UK that you can visit and gather inspiration for your kitchen space. Here you will find ideas on how to decorate, how to utilise the space you have and t also get expert advice.

Homeware and D.I.Y stores often have stainless steel plates or discs that you simply hang or sit at the back of your hob space. Alternatively, some ovens come equipped with a glass lid on the hob which lifts up to form a backsplash in an instance. Although handy, these types of backsplashes can be rather dull and don’t contribute anything towards the redesign of your kitchen.

To help you make every element of your kitchen fresh and exciting, here are five great ideas to spruce up your kitchen backsplash:

Photography – You can get any image you wish blown up to fit either the entire wall that the hob sits against, or to simply fit under the extractor fan. You can use designer work or even a family portrait. You can get sheets of film or glass that protects the image, which then acts as your active backsplash. It’s easy to clean, unique and personal.

Chalkboard – This is an inexpensive and simple, yet effective idea. Get yourself a tub of chalkboard paint – enough to cover the area you desire, with enough left over for touch-ups at a later date – and paint the area you want. If you have a small kitchen, it may be best to avoid this idea, or opt for painting a smaller section, as darker colours can make the space look smaller. However for a family home with young kids this is the ideal addition, as kids can draw on the walls without the worry of how you’re going to clean it up.

Pennies – Do you have, or know someone who has a whole jar filled with 1p and 2p coins? Well, copper has made its way into the trends for kitchens, as metallic finishes are becoming increasingly popular. If you have a few pennies to spare, then why not give this one a go: place ceramic tile sheets on the areas you want to cover and flue pennies on top to form a glistening, metallic backsplash.

Wine Corks – Fear not, this idea will not require you to drink copious amounts of wine just to supply the goods for this project.  Once you’ve opened a bottle of wine, put the cork to one side as these will be sliced at a later date. One cork can easily be sliced into three equal pieces which you can then fix to the wall in rows to fit your desired space. The more variation in colour you are able to get, the better.

Broken China – We’ve all experienced breaking a plate before, and our instant reaction is to quickly and safely sweep it all up and take it straight to the bin. Instead, save pieces that are of interest; colourful, interesting patterns, or textures etc. and these can be used to form a mosaic of broken ceramics across the wall.