Why choose a composite door for your home?

Composite doors North Wales are the current most popular front door choice for homeowners. Composite doors, as the name suggests are made up of multiple materials to give an incredibly strong and durable structure. Here are some of the main reasons you should consider a composite door for your new front door. 


Easy Maintenance

Do you want a door that is super easy to maintain? Look no further than a composite door; they are robust and durable enough for you to not worry about them cracking like a uPVC door might, and you don’t need to worry about the hassle of having to varnish, paint and seal them like a traditional hardwood door. All the maintenance required is a simple damp cloth, mild cleaning solution and some warm water. 


Thermal Insulation

Thanks to the highly dense and insulating foam core of a composite door, heat cannot easily escape from your home. It also blocks the cold from entering. This will undoubtedly have a positive impact on your household energy bills – many homeowners choose to have a composite door fitted specifically to help reduce energy costs. A composite door can help to reduce your household energy consumption as you will need to rely on your central heating system less. 



Due to the strong and rigid framework, composite doors are inherently suitable as a choice for your front door. They are extremely resistant to intrusion, and provide more than adequate security for your home. Composite doors are also weather resistant, no matter if it’s blowing a gale outside or even heavily snowing, your composite door will keep your home dry and comfortable. With their tight weather and waterproof seals, nothing can get in.



Composite doors can have a timber-look outward appearance and can come in a range of well-known and recognised heritage colours – making a composite door an ideal choice for a period property. They can also be customised in order to look in keeping with more modern homes with a contemporary style.


The Wow Factor

The front door of your home is the first impression that many of your visitors will get. A composite door with its unrivalled performance, stunning aesthetics and style is the perfect home improvement to make in order to boost your homes kerb appeal. Choosing a composite door in an inviting colour will also help if you plan on selling your home, people are more likely to be enticed inside if the front door looks exciting. 

Reasons to Make the Switch to LED

Since the boom in popularity for LED light strips, more people than ever have switched to LED bulbs. This includes homeowners, restaurants, retail outlets, offices and factories making the switch in order to reduce costs, improve overall lighting quality or to simply add some ambience. Switching to LEDs can make sure you’ve still got some money in your pocket after the job is done, but saving money isn’t the only reason to change. Here are some of the top reasons to swap to LED. 


LEDs require changing less often

LED bulbs can in fact, last up to 50 times longer than equivalent incandescent or halogen bulbs. LED (Light Emitting Diodes) are semiconductors, which means that when electrons pass over them, it creates light. Unlike the typical incandescent bulbs, with LED there is very little wasted heat. LED bulbs produce almost no heat due to the design and inclusion of specially crafted aluminium heat sinks to absorb what little heat has been created, allowing the diodes to be operational for much longer. 


Use your existing fittings

This may come as a surprise, but modern-day LED bulbs can be retro-fitted to existing fittings. LED bulbs allow you to simply plug them in and enjoy your new lighting experience straight away. No need to call out an electrician; if you opt for a straight swap there’s no fuss. However, if you want to change to dimmable LED bulbs, you will have to change the pre-existing dimming switch to one that is compatible with the LED system. 


Available in a wide range of colours

LEDs are available in a wide range of temperatures, which makes it easy to achieve the perfect mood lighting in every room of your home. At the top end of the scale there are temperatures such as Cool White (4000K), which are most often found in bathrooms, commercial or retail premises. Warm White (3000K) is at the in-between temperature stage and can be found in a wide range of environments in homes and offices. Very Warm White (2700K) is usually used in living rooms and bedrooms, where you might want to achieve a more relaxed atmosphere. Warmer temperatures are ideal for creating a more homely environment, but they can also aid in regulating circadian rhythms – getting our bodies into routines by warming the light environments in the evenings and mornings. 


Light up instantly

There’s nothing worse than flipping the light switch and still being in the dark. It’s much better to flip the switch and have the light you need instantly – this is what you get from LEDs. Instant light when you need it most, means that you won’t be wasting time waiting for a bulb to reach full brightness. LED bulbs are a fantastic alternative to incandescent and halogen bulbs in places such as cupboards, cellars, or lofts, where you’ll be nipping in and out of frequently. 


Saving you money, and saving the planet

So, let’s get to the giant elephant in the room. LED bulbs save you money – despite the higher initial purchase cost, this will depend on the property, but the bulbs will often pay for themselves in savings in less than a year.

LED bulbs are simply constructed with no hazardous materials or chemicals such as mercury, which is used in more traditional bulbs. Whilst these materials pose no threat to home dwellers, they are often sent to landfills and aren’t disposed of properly which leads to large amounts of waste. 


In conclusion, LEDs are incredibly useful, and they are fast becoming the first choice of many residential and commercial property developers. LEDs have lots of flexibility when it comes to design options, LED home lighting ideas are always evolving and changing. With all the advantages that come hand-in-hand with LEDs, why haven’t you flipped the switch yet?

Domestic Heating Oil: Benefits of Insulating your Home

A well insulated home has many significant long term benefits such as; reducing heat loss, lowering energy bills, increasing comfort and having less of an impact on the environment. 

Rising energy costs and heating oil Shropshire bills are putting an increased strain on the disposable income of many households across the UK. Coupled with houses with poor insulation, homes are effectively just throwing their money away. Through proper insulation, you can help to cut the cost of both heating and cooling by up to 40%; depending on a number of different factors such as the size of your home, and the type of property. 

Improving the insulation in the roof, windows and walls means that your domestic heating oil system won’t have to work as hard or for as long to reach a moderate temperature. It will also maintain temperature and in some cases will increase the value of your home by making it more efficient. 

Some easy to follow insulation tips:

  • Make sure that your loft insulation is at least 2.5 inches.
  • Use cavity wall insulation if your property suits using it. Not all properties are suitable for cavity wall insulation. 
  • Use a letter box draught excluder.
  • Make sure that all the seals around the doors and windows aren’t letting any draughts in.

Increasing the thermal insulation of your property will mean you will need to rely on your domestic heating oil less to keep you warm. Having insulation throughout the home means that more heating energy is kept inside, helping to keep a consistent temperature year round. When your domestic heating oil is used to heat your home, it first warms the air and then the masonry – poor insulation results in energy being released and then not being used effectively, with up to 30% of energy potentially going to waste just through the outside walls. 

By ensuring that your house is fully insulated, you will be helping to reduce the impact on the environment. A well insulated home means maximised energy efficiency and less CO² emissions, which directly contribute towards protecting the environment. Domestic heating oil, other fossil fuels and other types of energy give off CO² emissions, amongst other harmful ‘greenhouse gases’; but by reducing the release of these from your home, you can help to promote sustainability for the environment.

A home that is dry, warm and comfortable is the expected norm for homes these days. A fully well-insulted property provides all of this by keeping the movement of heat to a minimum so that you stay cosy during the winter and cooler in the summer months. It will also help to prevent condensation from occurring that can result in persistent, potentially harmful mould growing.



What are the Benefits of Double Glazing?

As the name suggests, double glazed windows are made up of two layers of glass. The two panes of glass are separated by a space that can either be filled with an inert gas or it may be left as a vacuum. Double glazing was initially developed to provide better insulation for houses, it has so many other benefits to offer. 

Double glazing Conwy understand that investing in double glazing for your home is a smart choice, and they are always available to give advice. If you still need some convincing, here are some of the many benefits of double glazing.

Reduced Energy Bills

A brilliant benefit of double glazed windows, is the effect that they have on your energy bills. Your house will retain most of the heat it naturally gains from the sun during the day, so during the colder months you won’t have to rely on your heating as much. Whereas in the summer months you can enjoy a cooler home, without the need for air conditioning.

Better Insulation

Double glazed windows provide a much better barrier than traditional glazing, and this greatly reduces the amount of heat transfer from your house to the cold outer air. This way, your house is in a much better position to retain the heat from the sun. During the summer months, the windows keep the extreme heat outside – double glazing means that you can enjoy warmer winters and cooler summers. 
Double Glazed Windows North Wales

Increased Security

Everyone wants their home to be as secure as possible, having double glazed windows is a good way to do this. They are much harder to break than single glazed windows; and they are difficult to force open from the outside – this makes it much harder for potential burglars to enter your home. 

Increased Property Value

Installing double glazing makes your house better and overall more comfortable to live in. This in turn makes your house more appealing to potential buyers, compared to a house with single glazed windows. When it comes to selling your property, having double glazed windows will only benefit you. 

Noise Reduction

Sick of hearing every single little noise? Double glazed windows are the answer, they provide much better noise insulation compared to single glazed windows. They are great if you live in a particularly noisy neighbourhood, you’ll be able to enjoy some peace and quiet in your home no matter what.

Double Glazed Windows North Wales

Reduced Interior Damage

As you will have noticed, belongings that are in direct sunlight are affected by the UV rays. These slowly damage the furniture, décor and even the carpets; double glazing reduces the amount of UV rays able to penetrate the glass. 

Easy to Maintain

Many people wrongly assume that double glazing leads to difficulties when it comes to the maintenance and the cleaning of your windows. As long as you ensure that you clean your windows regularly, your double glazed windows will last for a long time. 


Double glazing is a great way to easily increase the curb appeal of your home. Thankfully, today all architectural profiles can be fitted with double glazing without compromising on the original look and feel of the house. By choosing a high-quality, reputable company like windows Conwy you can be sure that your new windows will look amazing. 

Solar Roofing – Renewability from the Future!

Elon Musk’s Solar Powered Roofing in North Wales?

The automotive company and brainchild of ‘business magnet’ Elon musk has produced the best looking solar panels ever created. Just take a look at these – they look completely real.

Is roofing North Wales going to have a revolution pretty soon?

The idea is that ugly looking solar panels strapped to the roof are not only a bit hard on the eye, but also not the most efficient. What if the tiles of your house themselves had in-build solar cells? That way the whole top portion of your house would be covered in solar panels! Your entire roof would BE a solar panel!

Could solar panels on roofs be a thing of the past?




This is created with tesla solar glass!

Solar roof integrates with the Powerwall home battery which allows you to have a reliably charged power source allowing you to power your entire house – in the event of a power outage you would comfortably be protected from any inconvenience that your neighbours may suffer.

With the UN’s recent damning report of the world’s climate change disaster, we need to be al pitching together and making every little change possible in order to prevent catastrophe, and it may just be innovations like this which set us on the righteous path.

Now Elon’s roofing might not be affordable for the vast majority of us right now, but some years down the line – who knows? It could be common place to have personal solar powered roofing system which power’s your house.

Some of these tiles are even designed to look like slate.

These tiles come with an ‘infinity warranty’ which mean that they are guaranteed to last the entire lifetime of your house (or infinity – whichever comes first).

These tiles are even designed to withstand the blast of hailstones much more than traditional roof tiles, an exciting animation shows a 5cm hailstone blasting towards a set of traditional towers, which are subsequently shattered into pieces, the Tesla solar glass on the other-hand doesn’t even budge, the material holding firm against the onslaught.

Tesla are able to provide this roofing to a number of different countries, and personally oversee the removal, replacement and reconfiguration of the roofless, as well as setting it up seamlessly with the in-house batteries.

Elon musk recently mentioned that he had this very same tiling system on his own home!

A ‘solar roof’ surely this is for the future? Nope it’s for the present!

We now have several hundred homes with the Solar Roof on them, and that’s going well. It takes a while to just confirm that the Solar Roof is going to last for 30 years and all the details work out,” Musk said on Tesla’s Q2 earnings call in August.

For those of us who just want a reliably built roofing north wales, with locally sourced welsh slate or other finely made materials you can always go to a traditional roofing company until the time is right where this kind of technology is commonplace.

Finding Luxury New Build Apartments

If you are in the position to purchase your very own place, look no further than luxury new build apartments in North Wales. These luxury new build apartments along the North Wales coast can completely transform your way of life and bring you into the 21st Century. These state-of-the-art apartments provide residence with space and luxury in abundance, alongside spectacular views and scenery. However, before jumping into the purchasing process, there are several steps and considerations for you to take. So let’s look further into finding yourself a luxury new build apartment.

When searching for the apartment of your dreams you should really try to take your time. Rushing into the first apartment that you find can be incredibly risky, unless you get extremely lucky. Take into account your personal needs and requirements. These could be as follows:

  • Is the apartment you have found for a single resident or families?
  • Does the apartment building allow pets?
  • If you are uneasy with heights, is your apartment on a low enough level?
  • What is your budget?

These are only a few basic questions to ask yourself before purchasing; however, following these may well help you in finding the apartment of your dreams. But before you make contact with the site Development Company or estate, you should also consider the following:

Is the location of your apartment suitable for you to live? This will all be dependent on your personal preferences; for example, are you close to schools for your children? Are you relatively close to shops or other conveniences? Will you still be close enough to your current place of work?

Once you have done your research, it is time to contact the apartment Development Company and estate agents to discuss your potential apartment. A reliable and experienced team of professionals will be more than willing to spend time with you make the purchase of your dream apartment as easy as possible.