What are the Benefits of Double Glazing?

As the name suggests, double glazed windows are made up of two layers of glass. The two panes of glass are separated by a space that can either be filled with an inert gas or it may be left as a vacuum. Double glazing was initially developed to provide better insulation for houses, it has so many other benefits to offer. 

Double glazing Conwy understand that investing in double glazing for your home is a smart choice, and they are always available to give advice. If you still need some convincing, here are some of the many benefits of double glazing.

Reduced Energy Bills

A brilliant benefit of double glazed windows, is the effect that they have on your energy bills. Your house will retain most of the heat it naturally gains from the sun during the day, so during the colder months you won’t have to rely on your heating as much. Whereas in the summer months you can enjoy a cooler home, without the need for air conditioning.

Better Insulation

Double glazed windows provide a much better barrier than traditional glazing, and this greatly reduces the amount of heat transfer from your house to the cold outer air. This way, your house is in a much better position to retain the heat from the sun. During the summer months, the windows keep the extreme heat outside – double glazing means that you can enjoy warmer winters and cooler summers. 
Double Glazed Windows North Wales

Increased Security

Everyone wants their home to be as secure as possible, having double glazed windows is a good way to do this. They are much harder to break than single glazed windows; and they are difficult to force open from the outside – this makes it much harder for potential burglars to enter your home. 

Increased Property Value

Installing double glazing makes your house better and overall more comfortable to live in. This in turn makes your house more appealing to potential buyers, compared to a house with single glazed windows. When it comes to selling your property, having double glazed windows will only benefit you. 

Noise Reduction

Sick of hearing every single little noise? Double glazed windows are the answer, they provide much better noise insulation compared to single glazed windows. They are great if you live in a particularly noisy neighbourhood, you’ll be able to enjoy some peace and quiet in your home no matter what.

Double Glazed Windows North Wales

Reduced Interior Damage

As you will have noticed, belongings that are in direct sunlight are affected by the UV rays. These slowly damage the furniture, décor and even the carpets; double glazing reduces the amount of UV rays able to penetrate the glass. 

Easy to Maintain

Many people wrongly assume that double glazing leads to difficulties when it comes to the maintenance and the cleaning of your windows. As long as you ensure that you clean your windows regularly, your double glazed windows will last for a long time. 


Double glazing is a great way to easily increase the curb appeal of your home. Thankfully, today all architectural profiles can be fitted with double glazing without compromising on the original look and feel of the house. By choosing a high-quality, reputable company like windows Conwy you can be sure that your new windows will look amazing. 

Solar Roofing – Renewability from the Future!

Elon Musk’s Solar Powered Roofing in North Wales?

The automotive company and brainchild of ‘business magnet’ Elon musk has produced the best looking solar panels ever created. Just take a look at these – they look completely real.

Is roofing North Wales going to have a revolution pretty soon?

The idea is that ugly looking solar panels strapped to the roof are not only a bit hard on the eye, but also not the most efficient. What if the tiles of your house themselves had in-build solar cells? That way the whole top portion of your house would be covered in solar panels! Your entire roof would BE a solar panel!

Could solar panels on roofs be a thing of the past?




This is created with tesla solar glass!

Solar roof integrates with the Powerwall home battery which allows you to have a reliably charged power source allowing you to power your entire house – in the event of a power outage you would comfortably be protected from any inconvenience that your neighbours may suffer.

With the UN’s recent damning report of the world’s climate change disaster, we need to be al pitching together and making every little change possible in order to prevent catastrophe, and it may just be innovations like this which set us on the righteous path.

Now Elon’s roofing might not be affordable for the vast majority of us right now, but some years down the line – who knows? It could be common place to have personal solar powered roofing system which power’s your house.

Some of these tiles are even designed to look like slate.

These tiles come with an ‘infinity warranty’ which mean that they are guaranteed to last the entire lifetime of your house (or infinity – whichever comes first).

These tiles are even designed to withstand the blast of hailstones much more than traditional roof tiles, an exciting animation shows a 5cm hailstone blasting towards a set of traditional towers, which are subsequently shattered into pieces, the Tesla solar glass on the other-hand doesn’t even budge, the material holding firm against the onslaught.

Tesla are able to provide this roofing to a number of different countries, and personally oversee the removal, replacement and reconfiguration of the roofless, as well as setting it up seamlessly with the in-house batteries.

Elon musk recently mentioned that he had this very same tiling system on his own home!

A ‘solar roof’ surely this is for the future? Nope it’s for the present!

We now have several hundred homes with the Solar Roof on them, and that’s going well. It takes a while to just confirm that the Solar Roof is going to last for 30 years and all the details work out,” Musk said on Tesla’s Q2 earnings call in August.

For those of us who just want a reliably built roofing north wales, with locally sourced welsh slate or other finely made materials you can always go to a traditional roofing company until the time is right where this kind of technology is commonplace.

Why we LOVE Concrete Worktops.

Concrete and the New Era of Design

We know what you’re thinking, “Really? Concrete?.. in MY house? LOL, that’s’ more suitable for a pavement top or to seal up a disused nuclear reactor, not for the place where I cut my celery.” Well, you’re in for a little surprise, as concrete is quickly becoming the world’s favourite artistic tool in which to craft kitchens of unparalleled beauty and significance.

You REALLY need to see what can be done with the magic of the ‘crete. Let’s begin by addressing the common misconceptions. Concrete worktops today are installed to they look akin to natural stone. This look is achieved through careful moulding and crating after being treated with acid staining that prices a look of granite or slate and can be done in any which colour your brain can conjure up. While that’s one of the more popular looks, you can incorporate any number of styles.

Ceramic, glass or stone tiles can be embedded in the form of concrete to form an incredibly attractive border or edge. This surface can be etched upon to give it an engraved pattern. The possibilities really are only limited by your creativity. And that’s hit the nail on the head – the reason that people like to use concrete is that it sets you free creatively.

Let the concrete set you free.

Concrete countertops are durable – it’s probably a bit spooky to say but concrete worktops are designed to outlast their owners!! They are extremely hard-wearing, perfect for resisting chipping and scratching. So you won’t have to replace it until comes a time where you feel it’s time to go.

Concrete counters are incredibly easy to maintain. They might need a reseal every few years but it’s a quick and easy job when it’s been done properly the counters won’t stain or sustain any bacteria. The counters will clean up lickity-split with some soap and water,

Concrete worktops give your home an upscale look, they will change your image of concrete forever. If you haven’t yet seen any yet you owe it to yourself to get in touch with a studio see their portfolio and witness with your own eyes exactly what is possible with this magical material.

It can add class and distinction to any bathroom, kitchen or any area of the home you see fit.

Garage Doors by Home Improvement Specialists in Chester

Maximising the value of your home is always an important factor when investing in home improvements. Your goal is more than likely finding an easy and affordable means to increase the overall aesthetic and appeal of your home. One of those means may be installing new garage doors by Chester based home improvement specialists that separates you from the rest of the street. Some of the most popular choices for modern garage doors in Chester and North Wales include Sectional, Roller, Up and Over or Side Sliding.

These days you rarely see old manual doors. You will almost certainly only find remote controlled garage doors for efficiency and ease. However, regardless of doors being manual or automatic, their material is one of the most important factors to look into, such as the style of your home and how warm you would like your garage to potentially be.

Wooden garage doors are popular for their stunning appearance and cost-effectiveness. You are able to choose from a wide selection of woods that provide a long lasting and stylistic finish for your garage door that will certainly be the envy of your neighbourhood. The only potential disadvantage to installing wooden garage doors is that different temperatures and weather can cause some warping caused by expansion and contraction.

Garage doors made of steel hold a distinct advantage in being completely unaffected by changing weather conditions. Another advantage is that steel doors can be fitted and designed to appear like wood, removing the chances of warping during varied temperatures. A steel door can also cost a significant amount less to install when compared to wood.

Regardless of whether you choose to have an Up and Over, Side Sliding, Roller, or Sectional garage door, you are guaranteed to have only the best products provided to you by garage door and home improvement specialists in the North Wales and Chester regions. This is something to consider when choosing to move to New Homes North Wales.

Cooking Efficiently With Induction Hobs – Greentree Kitchen Designers In Bangor

It is always important to keep on top of new trends and improved technology when refitting your kitchen. There are constant changes being made to widely used cooking appliances all the time. One particular change is the increased use of induction hobs in commercial and home kitchens.

They have become increasingly popular with kitchen designers in Bangor, Llandudno and the whole North Wales area due to their sleek, polished and clean aesthetic.

Benefits of Cooking With Induction Hobs

Cooking with induction hobs is a relatively simple science and process; heat is generated by an electromagnetic coil that is embedded in the ceramic glass surface, with a ferrous metal pan being placed on top. When the pan is removed from the hob, the heat instantly stops, and surrounding areas of the pan don’t generate enough heat to cause harm to any curious children.


This element acts as a crucial safety feature for your kitchen, with no open flames greatly reducing the risk of kitchen fires being started, kitchen fires being a major cause of accidents in the home. They are often fitted with other safety features such as automatic shut off and anti-overspill feature.

A popular feature of recently introduced induction hobs is the freedom to place the pan anywhere on the surface, allowing you to successfully heat up larger cookware. However, if spillages occur, the surface is easily wiped clean with a spray of kitchen surface cleaner.


The efficiency of induction hobs is invaluable and incomparable, even compared to gas hobs. The instant heating and precise temperature control dramatically reduce energy waste, with no risk of wastage or danger from accidentally leaving the appliance switched on.

In a modern kitchen, efficiency and functionality are very important, and with induction hobs being an increasingly dominant force in commercial and home kitchens, the future looks bright for induction cooking.

How to Create the Perfect Family Kitchen

Kitchen designers bangorYour kitchen is about so much more that a place to cook, eat and do your laundry. It’s a place where you’ll spend quality time with your family and unwind after a long day. Some would say that your kitchen is the hub of the home; a place where you socialise, enjoy good food, and spend your time doing the most active part of running a home. And it’s with this, that you might want to consider making your home the most family friendly to give you the time, convenience and right environment to enjoy with the people that mean the most to you. We’ve got 5 things you need to do to create the perfect family straight from your local kitchen designers bangor.

Create a Comfortable Environment – It’s a place that you want your family to enjoy spending time in, so it needs to be warm, comfortable and ideally suited to your family’s needs. Have you thought about the kind of seating you’d like to use and how the space will be divided into cooking, cleaning and seating? Lighting can be a big player in the warmth of your room and create an inviting space.

Energy Saving Appliances – It’s certainly no secret that running a family home isn’t always easy on the wallet. Food and electricity soon mount up and it makes perfect sense to conserve and preserve in this instance. Most modern day appliances are energy saving but some are better others, so be sure to look into their energy ratings before you purchase. Some fridges and freezers are even building a reputation for keeping your food fresher for longer which is always of benefit to your growing family, who need their greens!

Time-Saving Appliances – A dishwasher and washer-dryer are a saviour when it comes to doing those time-consuming household chores. Choose your appliances with fast wash settings as these are going to come in very handy. Another handy option is the Quooker tap which dispenses boiling water immediately – no waiting for the kettle to boil, just hot water instantly, straight into your mug or saucepan.

Space saving – A big family and clutter usually go hand in hand. That’s why a space saving kitchen is one of the best decisions you can make in creating the appearance of extra space and a tidier looking kitchen. Plinth drawers are a great way to make good use of your space, right the way down to your flooring. These handy drawers let you store away the items you might not use so often but want to hold onto such as special occasion.

The Benefits of Having a Range Cooker

Range Cookers North WalesRange cookers can be a fantastic addition to a kitchen, in terms of both practical and aesthetic purposes.

If you often find yourself running out of space in the oven to cook a meal, a range cooker might just be what you need to make life that little bit easier.

Range cookers are useful in that they are available in a variety of fuel types, including gas, electric and dual-fuel.

This means you won’t have to make any major adjustments to your kitchen in order to have a range cooker installed.

These types of cookers are often considered a rather expensive investment, but range cookers North Wales suppliers, RN Williams, offer brilliant saving options on a variety of range cookers.

Many modern range cookers on the market today have maintained their much-loved classic design, whilst still offering the latest technology. Of course, if a traditional range cooker would look out of place in your kitchen, there’s always the option for more modern and contemporary styles.

Range Cookers North Wales

Larger range cookers allow you to enjoy the benefit of having up to four ovens. This is incredibly useful if you tend to cook large meals for guests or your family. Those of us with traditional ovens know the struggle on Christmas Day, trying to ensure everything gets cooked thoroughly and all together – without anything going cold before it reaches the table!

Many range cooker models have ovens designed for specific purposes, such as casserole & roasting ovens, as well as a simmer plate. Range cookers allow you to cook your starters, mains and desserts all at the same time – whilst also keeping your plates warm before wowing your guests with a fantastic meal.

Range cookers can also be set to come on with a timer, so you can have a hot stove waiting for you to cook upon once you return home from a busy day. Most models also have an option to constantly run on a low setting, which uses a tiny amount of energy, but allows them to reach a suitable cooking temperature in no time at all. Range Cookers North Wales

Since range cookers can maintain the perfect heat for long periods of time, and allow you to have full control over the temperature of each of the ovens and hobs, you’ll likely notice your cooking results improving. There’s a reason why top chefs around the world favour range cookers over alternative appliances.

Once you’ve experienced the ease of cooking fantastic meals with a range cooker, there’s a good chance you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one. If you’ve got the space to accommodate one, it’s certainly a worthwhile investment which will allow you to create fantastic meals for years to come.

Winter Greenhouse Staging and Outdoor Storage Solutions

Greenhouse StagingThere’s a definite chill in the air and winter seems to be well on its way. Leaving your plants and gardening tools outside in the blustery winter weather can lead to them to becoming damaged. Investing in strong greenhouse staging can help to protect your potted plants and equipment from the harsh elements.

Greenhouse staging has a number of uses. Simply use staging for storage, or make it your work table or potting bench. If you need somewhere to keep all your plants this winter, buying heavy duty greenhouse staging ensures it will remain in your shed or greenhouse for a very long time. No varnishing or additional maintenance required!

Not only is greenhouse staging incredibly practical, it also looks rather nice. Made from high-quality Scandinavian timber, greenhouse staging will make your shed or greenhouse look incredibly tidy.

The timber used to create greenhouse staging has been treated with a protective solution which prevents damage from water occurring.

Greenhouse StagingYou might be thinking that you could seal wooden staging yourself with a bottle of sealant from your local DIY shop. Wood sealants can be expensive to buy if you’ve got a lot to cover, and many brands are toxic to use, due to strong chemicals and the fumes that they produce.

Purchasing a heavy duty greenhouse staging saves you the hassle and allows you to avoid doing this completely.

For outdoor storage, lifetime storage boxes offer great protection for all your seasonal equipment and décor. These double-walled polyethylene boxes are waterproof and weather resistant, ideal for keeping outdoor toys or décor in until the warm weather returns.

You can also attach a secure padlock to these outdoor storage boxes, should you need to keep valuable garden equipment in them. With sizes ranging from 300 to 500 litres, there’s plenty of space in these boxes!

Why You Need Specialist Commercial Satellite Installation

HotelRunning a hotel means you require specialist solutions in all that you do so provide the best service you can. Even down to your satellite installation in Porthmadog, it’s important to hire an experienced professional for many reasons.

Cable organisation – In a hotel or B&B appearances are everything. Guests want to escape to an environment that looks desirable but cables and bulky domestic aerial systems could leave negative first impression on your property. Commercial aerial and satellite systems are a lot more advanced in terms of their appearance and usability, making them a much more ideal suit when it comes to your commercial property.

Reliable Service – You require a service that is of the highest quality so in the event that a problem occurs, it can be corrected easily. The work that’s carried out by an experienced professional is often guaranteed for a term agreed prior to the contract taking place. With increased experience comes increased speed when it comes to problem solving. A reliable professional will work with industry standard equipment and cabling that has undergone rigorous testing.

Experience – A professional representing a reputable company can offer guarantees in terms of their knowledge and experience having working with similar clients in the past. Upon request, they should be able to provide references showing the kind of service that’s provided and how they rated their service.  Professional service providers can be expected to uphold a certain service level unlike unestablished businesses who many not have a set standard of practice.

Tailored Service – Commercial satellite installers recognise that each business has very different needs and are therefore able to provide a more tailored service. Most providers will be able to offer a free quotation for the service, letting you know exactly what work will need to be carried out.


Creating a Baker’s Kitchen

Kitchen StorageIt’s that time of the year when the bakers come out with the most irresistible and fascinating desserts, bread and pastries. Among baking competitions, charity bakes and ‘The Great British Bake Off’, we just can’t seem to get enough of our favourite pastime. Not only are we going crazy for the retro baking equipment, our modern day kitchens are being transformed into the idealised bakers kitchen, with everything you need to create that perfect bake. Knowing, how desired these kitchens are, kitchen designers Conwy are leading the way in bringing those idealised kitchens to you with plenty of hidden gems to make every serious baker’s dreams come true. Here are some of the elements kitchen fitters Llandudno recommend:

Open shelving– A dedicated baker will always utilise open shelving where possible, creating that real ‘lived in’ feeling. You’ll need easy access to those ingredients you use regularly and trawling through cupboards just won’t do once you’re in the middle of it all. Think about having your cookbooks easily to hand. If you like the idea of shelving but your tall walls are slightly intimidating, you can easily add a built in stepper stool into your lower cupboards for ease.

Appliances – A warming/cooling drawer is just what you need if you love to entertain or having guests stay regularly. Your best baked bread results will come from a dough that is well proved, whether you proffer it hot or cold. Once you’ve baked your delicious delights, a cooling drawer will come in very handy – or perhaps to keep those ingredients that don’t keep as well as you’d hope. When you’re entertaining, store wine bottles for guests to help themselves to whilst you’re in the midst of food prep. A double oven will always be welcomed for those busy days when shelf juggling won’t do the trick.

Storage – Incorporating specialised drawers for easy access and storage for baking trays, pots and pans will be the biggest gift you can give yourself. No one likes having to get on their knees to reach all the way back into a gloomy cupboard and rearranging every pot and pan in sight. Bulk storage drawers are a great alternative, helping you search and store utensils easily. Rotating cupboard shelves are also very convenient.
If you don’t have a pantry, drawers will work just as well for your ingredients. Spice drawers are becoming ever more popular as well as stainless steel airtight ingredient bins for a professional finish.

Technology area – This is certainly one for those of you who love to follow cooking shows and online tutorials. Create a space you can set up a tablet or incorporate a small television. USB ports will do nicely here, particularly if your kitchen is your most well used space in the house.

Added furniture – It’s good to think about the additional furniture you might want to add to your kitchen and not totally occupying it with built in pieces. A traditional baker’s kitchen will have a good mix of both new and old. A pastry table for example, is traditionally lower than your other surfaces, using a cool, solid stone. Roller shelving adds a nice touch, for adding a handy space that can be moved around the kitchen.