Why choose a composite door for your home?

Composite doors North Wales are the current most popular front door choice for homeowners. Composite doors, as the name suggests are made up of multiple materials to give an incredibly strong and durable structure. Here are some of the main reasons you should consider a composite door for your new front door. 


Easy Maintenance

Do you want a door that is super easy to maintain? Look no further than a composite door; they are robust and durable enough for you to not worry about them cracking like a uPVC door might, and you don’t need to worry about the hassle of having to varnish, paint and seal them like a traditional hardwood door. All the maintenance required is a simple damp cloth, mild cleaning solution and some warm water. 


Thermal Insulation

Thanks to the highly dense and insulating foam core of a composite door, heat cannot easily escape from your home. It also blocks the cold from entering. This will undoubtedly have a positive impact on your household energy bills – many homeowners choose to have a composite door fitted specifically to help reduce energy costs. A composite door can help to reduce your household energy consumption as you will need to rely on your central heating system less. 



Due to the strong and rigid framework, composite doors are inherently suitable as a choice for your front door. They are extremely resistant to intrusion, and provide more than adequate security for your home. Composite doors are also weather resistant, no matter if it’s blowing a gale outside or even heavily snowing, your composite door will keep your home dry and comfortable. With their tight weather and waterproof seals, nothing can get in.



Composite doors can have a timber-look outward appearance and can come in a range of well-known and recognised heritage colours – making a composite door an ideal choice for a period property. They can also be customised in order to look in keeping with more modern homes with a contemporary style.


The Wow Factor

The front door of your home is the first impression that many of your visitors will get. A composite door with its unrivalled performance, stunning aesthetics and style is the perfect home improvement to make in order to boost your homes kerb appeal. Choosing a composite door in an inviting colour will also help if you plan on selling your home, people are more likely to be enticed inside if the front door looks exciting.