K Rend Roughcast Texture Application

k rendK Rend not only offers a high quality, durable finish with great natural looking results it also gives a wide choice of textured finishes to choose from.

Richard Williams Builder’s Merchants in North Wales are the main K Rend suppliers for the region and know just how popular K Rend has become. One of the reasons builders love it is that it is easy to apply. There are different techniques to get the best results for each texture option but all are relatively straight forward.

Roughcast Texture Application

Naturally you need to start with a base coat before you begin your application technique for the roughcast texture.

The thickness of your base coat may vary depending on the product you are using so always be sure to read the specification on the product container. Take care to straighten with a darby or straight edge so this level is uniform ready for the next coat. Leave to dry for about a day.

Then apply a single coat of dash receiver about 6mm thick. Allow it to firm but not set.

To achieve a uniform colour in roughcast always mix enough for the area to be rendered into a bath or box. Do not add any further water into the gauging box on the scaffold. Through the Roughcast onto the dash receiver layer while it is still green using a dashing spoon.

Refrain from going over semi missed areas with the spoon as this will lead to intensity of colour. Protect from water while drying.

There is a spray applicator available for purchase with this product.

All the K Rend products deliver a stunning finish for your exterior render and the K Rend brand is synonymous with quality. Contact your local North Wales K Rend suppliers Richard Williams for more information.

K Rend Roughcast Texture Application
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K Rend Roughcast Texture Application
Richard Williams Builder's Merchants in North Wales stock a variety of K Rend exterior render products from Kilwaughter. Read up on the best application techniques for the different products.